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Have you been Scammed?

How many out there have already been scammed during their search for AAS? I’d like to hear some stories on this!

dude i ddont wanna try and scare you but its been my experience that for every good product out there theres a hundred more either counterfeit or “watered down” juice out there… a buddy a mine actually had his shit tested recently only to find out it was straight vegetable oil.

i cant say enough for the homebrewing process bro, im not sure how much you know about it but its really simple once you get use to it and do it enuf. and bottom line you never have to ask yourself that question again

except the powder might be fake?


There are a number of pay sites out there that exist for people like us to talk about and share sources. If you do some research and look around you can find one. This will take most of the risk out of these transactions. However you still have to deal with US customs which I have had problems with. But if you order from a solid source they will reship as no cost to you with proof of seizure ext… Not only can you assure the reliability of these providers through others experiences but many will have feed back on quality as well, often times in the form of before and after bloodwork.

Yep - they are out there. It’s not hard to find them, you just have to look and use your head.

I kno a good pharmacy website that has a great selection with a 99% delivery rate to the U.S. My buddy paid to get a list of reputable sites and this was the one we both started using. Ive been screwed in the past and have paid a lot of money out only to never recieve anything in the mail.

I then spoke with someone from the site via online chat and they told me my tracking number wasnt real! All im sayin is dont think because the site says it works that it will. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

I take the easy route out… all of my ish is tested at the lab before it’s given to me… :wink:

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‘ish’… it’s just slang for ‘stuff’… ‘things’… and like synonyms…

[quote]Ranibella wrote:
‘ish’… it’s just slang for ‘stuff’… ‘things’… and like synonyms… [/quote]

damn canadians.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

[quote]Ranibella wrote:
I take the easy route out… all of my ish is tested at the lab before it’s given to me… ;)[/quote]

What is ‘ish’?


Would you like it used in a sentence?

“Uhh, I think I just ish’d myself.”


ive been scammed numerous times. especially when i first started out. now i have a ton of different soruces i can go thru. i dont ever buy international cause now i can just get it all u.s. domestic and have it to me in a few days.