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Have We Talked About This Yet?



I think this is ridiculous. I don't really know what to say about this, beyond the parents are idiots. I talked about this with my roommate, and he said "It isn't wrong to have a belief about something," but the way I see it, common sense should've taken over.

As far as I know, the parents are currently being sued for child abuse.


Saw this in the news:

Hope the parents get jail time.

It reminds me of a Sunday school story that I was taught as a child.

A huge flood came in a small town and an old woman had to climb on top of her roof to stay dry. After about a day on the roof, a man came by in a boat and said "Hey, get in the boat with me and I will take you to safety!" the woman declined saying "Oh I'm ok God will save me." The next day a helicopter fly over and saw the woman on the roof so the pilot let down a rope ladder and told her to climb up and he would take her to safety. Well once again she replied "No thanks, I have been praying non-stop and I know in my heart the God will save me. Well on the third day the woman was swept away by the flood and killed. When the woman got to heaven she walked up to God and asked "Why didn't you save me, I prayed and prayed all day and all night, yet you never came to my rescue." God replied, "Woman I sent a boat and a helicopter, what more do you want?"


I agree with dk44.


I feel dirty.


HA! I have my moments.


This example will serve as yet an other piece of evidence for the State to raise your children. Be ready to embrace Die Bundesjungend.


lol, I was going to use that story, asshole.


In this case, the parents acts were of criminal neglect as well as titanic stupidity. They were more concerned with their own acts of faith then their daughter's well being. Manslaughter should be the charge.


But what about there right to force their religion on their children? Don't you care about that you Nazi?
Edit: I meant Nazi bastard, sorry for the missunderstanding.


new headline, parents choose jail over freedom


Not if your religion kills somebody. If you sacrifice you kid to the gods in the name of religion, I support the perpetual gang rape of your asshole for the next 25 years in a federal pen.


I don't want to bust any bubbles, but I think it is the right of parents to refuse medical treatment on religious grounds though state social service agencies can intervene.

Child neglect is usually defined an as a chronic pattern of miscare. If this was an isolated incident then I would be surprised if they were charged with abuse or neglect.


I was taught that story in school. And it's a damn good story too.

I think that news report justifies my belief that all prospective parents should take a written test.


Just for clarification, the parents are on record as saying they are not (or at least, do not consider themselves) more religious than any normal family, and they've never had anything against doctors. They just felt that praying might work.

But it's a good point to bring up. I don't think religious grounds are enough because it's the kid's body, the kid's sickness, so shouldn't she have had the right to make that decision for herself?

(As far as the charges go, the way I understood it, they're being sued for child abuse but there are many who believe the prosecution has nothing because of the religion claim.)


The bottom line is this. You cannot commit acts of terrors, violence, harm, bestiality, or neglect and then claim a religious defense. That is bullshit.
No I do not think the government should have intervened, but the parents must be held accountable for there child's death because their inaction caused it. They are culpable, hell even the "incest dad" got his kid/grandkid medical attention.