Have Type 1 Diabetes. Insulin Use

I have t1 Diabetes so obviously I have to control my insulin doses and blood glucose levels all the time.
I have read a little about non diabetics using insulin.

I’m not sure what the non diabetics are trying to do, have high or low insulin level during workout? Helping to transport nutrients to the muscles?

Can somebody clear this up for me? and would there be any point in me making sure I have more / less insulin in my system during workout time?

Normally - with T1- the idea is to keep the glucose levels within a safe range to avoid “issues”

Do you ever experience low glucose events during workouts?

basically, to transport “more” nutrients to the muscles…

Yeah on occasion a miscalculation can result in very low blood sugars. Letting blood sugar levels get too low doesn’t help at all, in fact it leaves me feeling completely drained.
Mind you that’s not the same as “low” levels if you follow me.
So for transportation of extra nutrients you advise high levels of insulin in the blood (relatively) and presumably nutrients at the same time to avoid hypoglycemia?

You need the nutrients and sugars in your blood stream before hand so you do not go hypo. I guess that a good pre-workout protein shake would do.

The body uses insulin to give permission to peripheral cells to take up glucose from the blood. If it was a free-for-all, the brain would die from low blood sugar. Too much insulin can take you down by defeating this control system. Normally insulin is released in response [feeding response] to rising and increased blood sugar. I guess that I am telling you what you already know. But others using insulin here may not understand these things. [I mostly know these things in part because my m-RN second wife was an insulin drug rep]