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Have Trouble Gaining Weight?

Yum. $8.50.

I’m getting a burger after work now.

Fuck Burger King, my next cheat meal will be In n Out 7 by 7.

Trouble gaining weight?

Take some advice from the pro-bulkers over at this site:


I want that burger so bad.

Sorry… Nothing beats my $10 all you can eat Korean bbq.

Eat shit, all of you.

If you want to gain weight, drink copious amounts of chocolate milk made with whole milk, heavy whipping cream, and ovaltine.

Here is a guy eating the 7 layer BK burger…

@johnson: I fuckn love korean BBQs. Beef, Chicken, ribs, pork, All you can eat!!!

Where is this $10 Koreab BBQ place??? The ones I go to are like $20-30. I haven’t been to one in a while, might go tomorrow!

I hope it’s in San Diego.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, i’m out here in the valley. We got 3 spots for kbbq. 2 of them are $10, the other is $13.99. The 2 $10 places are both on Reseda. The $13.99 one is in Van Nuys. There are a couple more, but these 3 are my regular spots cause they have bomb side dishes and serve alcohol. Oh, also they all close at 2am and on Friday/Saturday, they close at 3am. The only other one i like besides those is Manna, but they have a long ass line usually and it’s not all you can eat.

I didn’t know those even existed State-side. I ate at a few of them in Okinawa, but I always thought it’d be way too big a liability here, with all these sue happy fucksticks.

“Oh I know cooking the food was my responsibility, but I’m still going to sue the restruant for not making sure…whatever.” Damn it’s been a long day. I can’t even finish that thought.