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Have to Vent A Little

I cannot imagine getting pumped up to techno, esp trance type techno… whenever i start to listen to it I end up feeling like a pussy. I mean… the music is always so surreal and sad.


Yes, Dylan is good anytime. It's funny, I can work out to anything really, as long as I like the music. Hell, I get fired-up listening to Elvis. Most people need Tool or Metallica and the like to get pumped. I don't for some reason.

Give me the Righteous Brothers and I'll show you some mad Kettlebell snatches!


Totally agree with Char and Avoids.

Yeah I do agree that you can’t please everyone and play what everyone wants to hear in the gym. My main beef is that I have been going to his gym since it was a baby (1996) and these people who were complaining about the music just joined not too long ago (can you say New Years Resoluter??)…why can’t they bring thier headphones? I bet that if there were a survey done…most people would rather have “up-tempo” music playing, whether it be techno modern rock, rap…whatever. I dont know, I may come off as being irrational in my thoughts, but I just get irratated sometimes. I do agree though, you cant please everyone. And I do bring my headphones. Just that particular day I didnt feel like wearing em. In any case, I can see all your points and I just have to suck it up sometimes…;o)

Well lucky I live Hawaii. The gym I work out at plays, Mudvayne, Linkin Park, Pantera, Trapt, AC-DC, Metallica, and other good old and new hard rock. It depends if it is on the Alt rock channel which is managemnt aproved, or the metal channel, which is played when the bosses leave. Also I am starting to listen to some J-pop as well.

does anybody else not hear the music that’s playing in the gym? i thought you were supposed to hear a constant buzzing noise and see everything in different shades of red.

im so glad i have my own gym and dont have to deal with any of those characters.