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Have to Travel for 10 Days with No Access to Test


Hey guys so basically I am going away for 10 days and it is unavoidable.

I don’t have a legit prescription at the minute, I’m in the process of getting one and because of this I don’t want to travel with Test because the country I’m entering will reject me if I am found to have it on me.

What are my options,
I currently take 75mg Test E 2 times per week with 400iu HCG twice a week.

Im thinking about injecting 250mg the day I leave and hoping this will do me the full 10 days?

What about the HCG, can I do a larger dose before I go?

Ill most likely need to up my aromasin i assume due to the excess T to E conversion that will occur with a large dose

Is there anything I’m missing?



That will push you up over 3000 and your trough will be 800-900 on day 10 with the T. Cant speak for the HCG.


Wow thank you for the detailed graph, what website is this please?

Ok so I guess I can probably shoot less to prevent so much of a spike, trough of around 700 would be fine for me as ill resume normal 75mg x 2 straight away


225mg should give you that trough but will still have you around 3,000 on day of injection. Keep in mind that this is estimation. steroidcalc.com


Thank you very much, Im sensitive to adex/aromasin and its very easy for me to lower E2 too much so I’m very cautious when it comes to dosing, I really don’t want to ruin my trip by over doing it with this new dose.

On 75mg x 2 I only need 12.5mg of aromasin once per week, Twice kills my E2.

Do you think i should stick with the same dose and only increase if i notice bloating or itchy nipples?

Thanks, Ive only been on TRT for 7 weeks so still figuring some of it out


I would keep the AI dose the same. If you creep high over the 10 days I doubt you will notice anything. My E2 is in the 70s and I don’t have any symptoms from it.


Quick question - You mention his level would be over 3000 from injecting 250mg at one time… How you tell what his test level could be from that graph? Sorry if it’s something simple I’m missing in the picture.


From what I have seen the mg release loosely correlates to ng/dl in the blood stream. I don’t have the exact answer you’re looking for though. I know that when I am on 50mg E3.5D the trough reading on that calc is in the range of 600-700. And when I am on 62.5 E3.5D I am over 1000 in trough which again correlates. There is probably an equation but I am not familiar with it.


Are you flying, driving? Domestic?

You can easily preload a couple of syringes and take them with you. Use a toothbrush holder, the long plastic ones. Fill the ends with cotton balls, enough to keep your syringes from bouncing around and put them in there. Just put them in your shaving kit and check it if flying. I’ve done it several times


Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I’m at 34-36mg EOD and my trough last blood was 692. SHBG is at 31, but I feel so much better at EOD than every 3.5 days. I’d be interested in trying to calculate what my levels could be if I were ever to go up in dose.


what ester? Or are you using cream or gel?


Sorry, cypionate.


I’m flying international, UK to Canada and I got stopped for secondary the last time I went so I don’t want to take the risk, be stopped, have the T found without a prescription and then face being denied entry.

Its an important trip you see

Thank you tho, I will keep that in mind for other trips but I should have my script soon so hopefully won’t be a issue


30mgs isn’t the equivilant of 3000ng/DL, if one reads john crislers book or looks at some very old studies one can see the average male produces between 5-15mg of test/day, 5-15mg of pure test/day. Another thing we need to factor is if 30mg is being released into the system on said day how much of it converts to E2 and DHT, what percentage of the oil does the individual process, as this may differ from person to person.

On the steroidcalc graph when I’m supposed to be at 7mg my TT reads at about 300-350ng/DL. One to two days after a shot of sustanon (propionate ester, higher peaks) I reach 1500ng/dl, steroidcalc would have me believe said peak would be 5000ng/DL. What I give credit to sustanon for is its inclusion of the phenylpropionate ester, if one does the math the phenylpropionate ester is actually supposedly a good deal LONGER than cypionate, fairly close to decanoate. If sustanon had been like 125mg test phenylpropionate and 125mg test decanoate or undecanoate e2w injections might’ve actually worked well

Also NPP doesn’t appear to be nearly as short estered as I originally thought, still shorter than deca but not by much, if interested I will put the math in here


Understood. I did mention that its not perfect and there will always be individual variables. It may be absolutely worthless for some. I just mentioned that I have seen correlation with numbers.