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HAVE To Take Supps?


Can we just play bb withought taking any thing

I mean any of u tried that an felt good and had a good shape. Im taking a protien shake for almost a year now and Im getting sick from it I mean is it really wastless because every x bodybuilder or a doctor say that it is and I dont really know why??

can't you stop taking it 4 a mounth or 2 and start it again?


If you can meet your daily protein requirements without it then don't worry about it. You seem like you could use some research.


Yes, there is no need for supplements except a good multi-vit. Bodybuilders have gotten big and lean on just whole food for decades. Very few supps work, most are just for companies to make a few bucks. Protein powders are good as a convienince item, but are also unnecessary.


No, you're not getting sick from the protein shake. Doctors tend to be very uneducated and I don't think any bodybuilders wouldsay that protein shakes are unnessesary(sp?). How are they wasteless?!


No, It really is true, you don`t need to take supplements...............as long as your training to look like MaryKate and Ashley. But if your working out real hard and consistently, and want to adapt to a weightlifting, training lifestyle, then you DO need supplements, along with healthy foods, and plenty of rest.


Youre not necessarily getting sick from the protein shake, I highly doubt that. You could be overtraining, which will make you sick. Either that, or maybe you just happened to be sick.


I have found the best gains to be gotten are after ditching the supps for a couple of months, and keeping the workout at the same level of volume and intensity. Then- Add the protien shakes and creatine again, adjust the lifting accordingly.

This helps to keep food intake in order, as I have a strong tendency to start relying on supps to keep intake at good levels. That is not good.

Supplements are supplemental.

Try getting your regular food intake dialed in, then add supps.


I actually saddened by posts like this. That's not a dig AT ALL to the original poster, it's just representative of the sad state we're all in right now.

To answer the question, supplements are not necessary at all. People have built some great physiques without them (or drugs).

Of course supplements help in many ways, but when we begin to think of them as necessary, we lose something...


you play bb?

basketball? or body building... You don't really play body building :confused:


I guess my point is this, physical excersise of any type creates a certain amount of stress on the human body, so, if you workout, and you work a job, that also adds more stress to your self and your body, not to mention whether or not you may be raising children, and whether or not you are married, but all these things add stress to our bodies, and stress means high levels of cortisol, which means unless you counter the cortisol levels with something that minimizes theyre effects, then you wont build muscle, you wont run very far, you wont do anything well,unless you add certain types of supplemental nutriton to your diet.


There is no other way of saying this, so I'll be blunt.

You are wrong.


I know people that take no supps whatsoever, and they either dont stay training, because they are to worn out, or they are sick, or stressed, or would rather go out partying instead, but theres always a reason, so No, I am not wrong, using supplements is a choice, like everything else. I have used them for 20+ years, and would not be where I am today without them.


Of course, this is not true. You will get better results with supplements and certainly quicker results with them. But you can build a great physique and get pretty damn strong without taking them.


Don't you have two threads asking basically the same thing? You're a big boy, decide for yourself if you want to take a protein supplement. That said, if you took one for 7 months and it didn't do anything for you, here's the truth, it didn't not work for you, YOU didn't work for you.

Work HARD, eat ALOT of food, and you'll grow. Half ass either of those and you won't regardless of what supplement you take.


What universe have you been living in? Further, here's an exercise: lift the supplements you take and explain how each of them minimizes the effects of cortisol.


supplements are not necessary, like an above poster said, if you can get all your nutrients from whole food. protein for example just makes it easier to meet your requirements, especially if there isn't enough time to cook your 5th meal of the day.


None of those have anything to do with training or supplementation. What they realy have to do with is bad habits, poor choices, a lack of dedication and different priorities.

I am training a guy currently who is married, works two jobs, is finishing his masters, and has several kids.
With good diet, training, dedication, and no supps what so ever- He is making great progress in strength, and a posative shift in body composition.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm not trying to change what you personaly believe about you own use of supps.

The take home message is that supplementation is only supplementation. If the other factors in the developement of a potential athelete are missing or lacking, it won't matter what a person takes. They will not develope to any where near their potential. Supplements will not help that.