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Have to take a week off HST

I just finished the first 2 weeks of 15 reps. However I just got my wisdom teeth removed so im not supposed to work out for a week. I will probably wait. Before the surgery I had 2 days off after the final workout in the 15 rep phase. SO if I take 7 days off that will be a 9 day break!
SO my question to all you is should i start over on the first phase or just continue to phase 2(10 reps)?
I might be able to workout after 4 days giving me a total rest time of 6?

Tell me what to do…

Some backround:
BF:not sure, my dumb scale says like 10-14%…i have some abs showing and when i flex their ripped if that helps

I would start at around 12 reps, but starting at 10 reps would be OK also. There’s no need to repeat the 15’s so soon. Bryan says that 15’s are there more for injury precvention and not really for hypertrophy and that it’s even ok to skip them in your second cycle if you don’t feel any pains and you aren’t injured.

I see no reason why you would not be able to just pick up and start back with the 10s. The 15s are more of a preparatory phase and if someone is feeling well rested and recovered after strategic deconditioning and if you have no nagging injuries, then you can skip the 15s on occasion altogether.

Thanks…I wasnt sure what to do

In regards to your bioimpedance scale, what model to you have and how do you use it? If you have not already, check out my series on body composition in issues 208 and 209 and let me know if you have any questions. With a little change, you should be able to keep your variation on the scale to less than 1%.