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Have to Stop Test E Mid Cycle

Hi guys

I’m 3.5 weeks in a test e cycle
400mg a week so I’ve administered 7 pins in total

With this corona virus crap the gyms in my country are about to close. I’m not going to continue a cycle with home equipment as i don’t have space for an effective gym.

Jumping off. I’ll do a nolva PCT just in case. Should I wait 2 weeks before starting just like i would after an entire cycle ?

Yes, 3 is better.

I’m worried about this too but I asked yesterday and there are no plans to close.

That’s not how the half-life of a drug works. You’re looking at about 6 weeks before the Test. E clears the body. So, you’d need to wait 6 weeks before starting PCT.

So they keep saying - as cases rise other countries are all closing
I feel I need to cut my loses and get off now as it’s only a matter of time as restrictions have been increasing all week
So frustrating as I will be annoyed if they don’t close but even more annoyed if I continue and they close say 6 weeks in when the gainz really start. I’m also concerned about contracting the fucking virus and spending 14 days in isolation. Wasting the cycle.

Are you on cycle.?

I blast and cruise.