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Have to Share...


Funny thing happened while I was driving from my office to another base where I have to teach this afternoon.

I live in San Diego and while driving I noticed that I had a little time to kill so I drove through Balboa Park just to see what was going on. For those of you who don't know Balboa Park here is a link...


Anyway, there is a big pavillion there which contains a freaking huge pipe organ. I saw that someone was playing it as I drove by so I rolled down my window to listen to it, since it's rare that I've seen it actually being played. Here is a link to the organ.


I was expecting some grandiose extensive intricate piece composed by Bethoven or something. I did recognize the piece, but it definitely wasn't by one of our great composers.

Yes folks, the piece being played on this antique, monolithic, absolutely humongus pipe organ enclosed in a classicly built ampetheatre was

The theme to Nintendo's Mario Brothers...

I sat there for a full 5 minutes listening and trying to decide if I should deem this experience funny or tragic. I chose the former and decided to share it with you all, my T-Nation brothers and sisters...



Hmm..well I'd say it's tragic but there's not much you can do about it other than laugh. That's just a sign o' the times I guess.