Have to Sell My Weights

My family is downsizing and as a result, I need to sell all my weights. Below is a list of what I am selling. Please PM me if you are interested. I do not want to break any forum rules on selling stuff so the list is below, just contact me if interested. BTW, I live in South Carolina…

5-120lbs Adjustable Ironmaster Dumb-Bells

EZ Curl Bars x2
7ft Olympic Bar x2
2 inch Olympic Bar (80lbs)
2.5 inch Olympic Bar (100lbs)
3 inch Olympic Bar (135lbs)
Trap Bar (80lbs)
Stand-up Bar Holder (10 Bars)

0-90 degree Adjustable Bench with sit-up attachment and adjustable seat
Walk-In Squat Rack with safety catch and plate holder
3/4 inch 4’x6’ Floor Mat (6 pieces)

where do you live

Spartanburg, SC

If no one here is interested does anyone know a good place to list them? Thanks all.

I’d try a local newspaper or bulletin board at a local college.

Craigslist? I’d start there if I were you

I wish you luck sincerely Pittbulll

??? Are you KEEPING anything?

Was it your idea or hers?

There is just no room in the new house. We are downsizing to save money as things are super tight right now. We are moving into a 1500sqft home from a 2600sqft home and there is not a garage. Thanks for the ideas guys, I will set something up on craigslist today. Peace.

go to powerliftingwatch.com and put your stuff on their classifieds section.