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Have to Make Strongman Practical

I would like to add some strongman training into my workouts sometime this spring but my gym is not equipped for that at all. I’d like to focus on the main events ( OH press, farmers walk, circus dumbell, squat, deadlift, and others ) Any ways I can somewhat make up for the ones I can’t do like stones, yolk, and stone carry? Also what would a strongman workout look like? I want to train like a strongman but also want to keep the heavy squats and bench in it too. I had a change and would much rather do strongman than powerlifting

Do front squats, zercher lifts, overhead pressing, closegrip benching for 6+ reps, oly lifts, plyometrics, sprints and weighted carries, overhead barbell carries, planks, back raises, deadlift variations, and some squatting.

And whatever else too.

I kinda have an idea of how I could make it work
mon- bench,squat,incline dumbbell press,ham curls and ab work
wed. deadlift, overhead clean/press, dumbbell rows, and ab/grip work
fri.- farmers walk,circus dumbbell, squat, hang clean, ab/grip work

and I do back hypers twice a week

Why not just have a overhead and upperbody day a Squat or Deadlift ME Day and events day.

I’m probably gonna do something like that but put squat on friday since there’s not many events I could do at my gym. The only event I can do is farmers walk ( Which I did for the first time today and loved it ). Also I want to get my deadlift and squat both up alot so I’d rather do those both in a week but different days to give my lower back and legs time to recover. But does that workout I posted seem decent? I’ll probably make a few changes and make the reps/sets because this week i winged it

I mean depending on how you ran it. I just don’t know a single person doing it like that. But to each his own.

In about a week my friend gets his license so we’re going up to a different gym for a month and they have more things I could do for event training. There’s log press, stones, farmers walk, and maybe a tire. But for the overhead day how many things should I do? I’ve been switching off with circus dumbbell, clean/press, Zydruanas press, and now that I’m going to that other gym for a month I’m gonna add log press

I personally have 3 movements I cycle through on a 3 week cycle Log Axle and Incline Log Press. I don’t ever touch a Circus DB unless its coming up in a meet.

alright cool, so 1 day is overhead/upper body next is dead/squat with some accessory work and last is events and I’ll be good to go?

Yeah would look something along these lines.

Press ME 1-3rm cycle through 2-3 different movements.
Vertical Pull ( Pullups etc…) Rep range will vary
Rear Delts

Lower ME same as above I cycle through Front Squat, Deficit Deadlift, Band Deadlifts. Very occasionally Back Squat
Main glute exercise ( Hip Thrust, stiff leg Pull through)
Main Hamstring ( Rdl, GHR )
Leg curls

Pressing focus on Speed and Tech work your ME work is during the week this where you hone in your tech for a show.
Moving Event ( Farmers, Yoke, Chain Yoke)
Loading Event ( Stones, Sand Bags, H Stone)

Do 3-4 warm up sets on each 1-2 all out sets and you will be fried.

Alright cool dude thanks for making that. But is there any specific rep/set range for these?

Well really depends on your goals and what weight class your looking to compete in. But, I usually do multiple sets of 8 to 12 maybe even 15 on movements like Leg Curls, Biceps and the like. But there is alot of variance in the program to meet your goals and bring up your specific weaknesses. I tried posting a article but T-Nation took it down due it being on a rival site. But its called Creating a effective Strongman Routine by Tom Muttafis. It is by far the best written and laid weekly template for Strongman training I highly suggest you look it up.