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Have to Leave Town During Cycle

I am currently finishing up my second week on my cycle and loving it. At the end of my third week i have to leave to go back home across country for some family issues which i was not expecting. Just wondering what i should do i dont like the idea of trying to fly with it. Would it be ok if a skip one week during my cycle or will this really affect me. i was thinking i coud maybe mail it home but the problem is i have no needles at home. Some info on this guys would be greatly appreciated.

What type of esters are you using and exactly how long do you have to be away from home. Are you on any orals?

I am on 500mg test-e a week and 300mg of deca a week, two shots a week every mon, and thursday. I am leaving next friday and coming back the sunday after so i will be gone 10 days. i was thinking changing my injections to tuesday, and friday next week so i can shoot one right before i leave. Also i am susposed to be on d-bol but i didnt come in, im getting this weekend. Should i even start it if im already two weeks into my cycle or just save it for the next. Thanks.

Don’t worry about starting the dbol now. If I were you, I would take a shot the morning before you leave and as soon as you get back. Luckily you are running long esters and you’ll probably be fine. Some people only shoot once a week anyway (not that that is ideal at all). I don’t think three more days will hurt you too much.

And yeah, I wouldn’t mess with bringing it on the plane, either, though some have done this domestically without a problem. I mean, if you feel like taking that chance, there are ways.

You could check baggage and store it in there. A lot of people have succeeded in doing that.