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Have to Cut PCT Short

Hi all,

I’ve just finished up a 10 week cycle of Test E, Var and Prop for the last 2 weeks. This is my 5th cycle and I usually do a 4 week pct - Clom 50/50/25/25 and Nolva 40/40/20/20 - however I’ve had a work trip abroad come up out of nowhere and will have to stop my pct after 18 days while I’m away for a week.

My thoughts are to pick it up again once I’m back and finish it off. My concerns are obviously low T/high E sides popping up, and whether I should do another 4 week pct once I’m back or just finish the remaining 2. Any advice?

Why can’t you just take your pct meds with you? Put the pills in a vitamin bottle, walk on the plane. It’s relatively easy and nobody has ever checked to see if your Nature Made Vitamin B12 is actually b12.

Yeah I hear you, but I’m travelling to Dubai and know their drug policy’s are pretty severe if you do get caught. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable taking the risk. Any other country outside the UAE then sure, but not this one.

What were the results from your cycle? Mostly curious about the Anavar. What did you get from it and at what dose?

Yeah results were good. Cut a lot of fat and increased muscle mass through the cycle - started 22%BF and 103kgs, now 12%BF and 99kgs. Ran the var at the end for 3 weeks and it turbo charged my abdominal fat loss and strength went up dramatically - as in I consistently smashed PB’s every session and I wasn’t event trying to. After gym pumps were good. I did get pretty bad shin pumps though, I play rugby and running became pretty sore.

I ran the Var at 50mg a day split in 2 doses

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I appreciate that! Sounds like it the cycle went extremely well.

What was the reason you only ran it for 3 weeks?
What bf% were you at when you started the Anavar?

Oof. Yeah, in that case you should cut it short and resume when you get back

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Ok so what I’ve decided on is to pick up my cycle again, as I’m about to start pct I thought it’s better to extend my cycle untill the trip is over rather than cut it short. It’s annoying as I was going for a shorter cycle this time but now it’ll be a 15 weeker before in start PCT. But I think that’s the best option.

I only ran it 3 weeks as that’s all I had available. I was originally planning on running a lower dose for longer but after talking to a few people they convinced me to up the dose.

BF when i started the Anavar was probably around 15% (although I’m not 100% sure) but I tend to hold onto fat around the abs. The last bit of fat loss was all from there which was great!

That’s incredible thank you!