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Have to Cook for Myself. Help

So I just moved out on my own with my girlfriend, she doesnt cook at all. She loves to eat out. My mom also just passed and my family is feeling messed up, trying to put myself back together here.


What can I make to meal prep for myself that is fast but also tasty?
Brown rice and chicken/beef is pretty easy I guess.
Whats the easitst/tastiest way to cook meat for the whole week?
How about vegetables? They are seriously a pain in the ass to make. I like them though.

Stir fry.

The world is now your oyster. You’re welcome.

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haha, i like your style man.

How about cooking for the whole week so I dont have to cook?

No way, bro. I don’'t even do that for myself. (haha)

I can’t help with that. I really don’t like to do that.

I’m sure others will chime in. This is a favorite subject.

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I don’t generally cook for the whole week, but will cook for a few days at a time. I generally cook a few pounds of ground beef (just in a pan over medium heat). When I drain the liquid and fat from it, I use the liquid for cooking rice. If you mix the beef and rice, then you can easily add bbq sauce, or beans, or pasta sauce. For vegetables, I focus on stuff that can be eaten raw and just cut it up (orange bell pepper, salads, etc), or the microwave in bag frozen vegetables.

Another very good option is using a large slowcooker. You just put potatoes, meat, and vegetable in, leave it overnight, and then you have food for days. It is easy to get simple recipes for a slowcooker, and they often use cheap and nutritious ingredients.

On Youtube, the video “Meal Preppin’ with Alan Thrall” gives a pretty simple setup for prepping a lot of food at once.

I bake a bunch of chicken breasts at once. Sometimes potatoes too.

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Get a slow cooker. Chuck in vegetables and whatever meat you like. Add spices. Leave it for a few hours and you’re set. If a slow cooker isn’t an option, use a big pot on the stove on a low heat. Potatoes ‘bake’ well in the microwave, just prick them a few times. A large potato takes about four and a half minutes on high.


Make sure if you buy Tupper ware you buy some good shit and make sure you wash it with soap right after use while it’s still warm with a sponge. If you buy poor plastic it will warp and is hard to wash.

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Really sorry to hear about your mom, man. That’s tough.

Try the easy chicken cacciatore recipe I wrote about here (a little more than halfway down). Sounds fancy, but it’s a one-pan dish that’s basically just chicken thighs, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. I also wrote how to make a bunch of hard-boiled eggs and chicken and potatoes and rice in an hour here.

Keeping a big bowl of salad in the fridge always helps. Like a full head of lettuce, a few handfuls of spinach or another leafy green, some chopped cucumbers/carrots/bell peppers/whatever. Throw it in a covered bowl and scoop out a bunch anytime. Should keep for a week or so as long as the stuff isn’t still too wet from being rinsed when it goes in.

Dan John has some good meal prep strategies in this article. The most basic being to lay out a mini-menu so you know on Monday what you’re eating on Friday, saves times and energy instead of winging it the day-of.


Thanks man, Ill definitely be prepping some of those links, and the salad tip is a big plus ive been buying those expensive individually packaged salads. pain in the ass.

Just threw my first beef stew in the crockpot! Wish me luck…

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I learned how to cook using Blue Apron. I wasn’t bad at cooking when I started it, but after a few months I was pretty damn good. I ditched it because the meal prep was getting a little too tedious and my kitchen look like a bomb site afterwards, but the things I learned have been invaluable for my cooking skills.

So I make about 75% of my own meals now, but I don’t get all fancy like Blue Apron. That was one issue I had with it…some of the dishes were too much on the exotic side, and not enough meat/potatoes kind of fare.

Cooking for myself now, I keep the ingredients super simple but use the techniques I learned to make everything turn out just right.