Have Sex Now! Abs - Instantly!

Sorry. Thought I was writing Men’s Health cover blurbs for a second there…

Anyway, in this week’s T-mag:

Apes, Guns, Whiskey and Drugs
by TC

Apes, guns, whiskey and drugs? It must be the weekend at T-mag headquarters! Dibs on the Barbary ape and the Colt!

Branding Iron
by Chad Waterbury

Killer triceps, massive forearms, the best set/rep parameters for hypertrophy, and why counting tempo is for sissy-boys.

Iron Dog
by Don Alessi

Meltdown training without weights, the best way to hit abs, how to build a thick back, and Don without a shirt - again. Dude goes snow skiing without a shirt!

Losing Your (Energy) Balance
by Dr. Lonnie Lowery

Summer is almost here and you’re still fat. Get lean with calorie dilution techniques!

Ghost Dog
by The Ghost

The Ghost reads bodybuilding magazines so you don’t have to. Of course, he’s dead and has a lot of spare time.

News and Feedback

Illegal jeans, pimp names, men in bikinis, and why you should become a fireman, right now.

Grammar alert - the phrase “snow skiing” is redundant. There is no other kind of skiing BUT “snow skiing.” That stuff they do on water is guys skiing on melted snow wishing they had some real snow.

Kudos to whoever writes those things. I didn’t notice them for the longest time, but they are very funny.

funny shit.

i nearly spat my coffee all over the screen when i read the mens health joke!!!

pure class


Great group of articles guys.

TC, great use of some very interesing comparison examples to get your point across. I love it, testicle attacking apes and supp. bans all wrapped up in one article. Can it get any better.


Great info from Dr. Lowry, as usual! I’m going to try the fruit and veggie weekly goals.