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Have Puny Arms But Chest and Shoulders Grow Quickly

Which bit are you struggling with?

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the nonsense

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Well, this exchange is cute.

Op, you’re not in bad shape, do you honestly get made fun of for your size? Like honestly?! Most kids in the USA are lil pudgers.

In real life i most definitely “would not be like this face to face” i just find it hard to learn and take things in on a screen then real life.
Like with a video on how to make something i could easier make it if someone was physically teaching me how. Idk why but thats just how my brain operates.
Also as a teenager i think i know everything when i dont. Sorry but youv all been down that path when your a young kid so I think just take chill pill guys i know its frustrating. …
But have peace and be happy lol

@dchris ???
And @Chris_Colucci im not really poor i siscovered it was me just being slack with what i have available amd lazy when i can easily cook up some chicken etc.

x5 Yeah you’re coming across as an ungrateful little prick. You’ve already been given enough advice to make non-stop progress for like the next 2+ years.
Get off the internet and get to work in the gym.


Maybe, I misunderstood. Did you not say this:

It’s shocking that anyone could be aware of a problem they have, and tell other people to deal with it. Especially, when the problem is refusing to accept SOLICITED advice.

*Parenth is my added perspective


Yes i did say that and yeah i do get made fun of.

Then take this as a compliment.

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thankyou @dchris :blush:

Yogi and KD, in all honesty your little exchange is most likely what

Oh. Apparently I was confused.


Dude seriously can you please quit mocking me with everychance you have.
I just stated that it was me being slack and now everyone thinks its funny to mock me.
Your adults …

No one is mocking you. You’ve misrepresented yourself and it makes it very difficult to give you accurate advice. If you say one thing then contradict it, what are we to believe?


Delwting thread

That’s not how it works. You don’t start a thread, have a dozen people spend time and energy replying to you, and then delete the thread when you don’t like how it turned out. It would be, as you’ve done a few times so far, an insult to the people who chose to reply here and it would mean they absolutely wasted their time.

If you don’t want to post in the thread anymore, turn off the thread notifications and don’t post in the thread.

Also, like dchris said, my post wasn’t “mocking” anything. It was taking your previous comments at face value. You made a point to talk about the budget your family had for food, how you bought protein powder in bulk to save money, how you’re “not some rich motherfucker”, and how “im poor duh”. If you didn’t say all of that, and instead just said you were too lazy to cook, you would’ve gotten entirely different advice from the start.


You’re *

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This is actually gentle stuff.
10 years ago when I first came across this site there were a bunch of 270lb guys posting regularly like rainjack and the Prof (whose name shall not be spoken :wink:) who were major assholes and would really have torn this kid to shreds from the get-go