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Have Puny Arms But Chest and Shoulders Grow Quickly

Everytime i workout i notice i get gains on my chest and shoulders quickly but my arms dont get bigger.
Yesterday did a push workout and today chest and sboulders is bogger but not tricep ?

How are you training arms?

Are you for real?

I’m done wasting any more time.


Nvm wont post anything ever again because people just cry

You def need those Fat Gripz and more supplements, there is no other way…

Hahahahahaha lmao thoight so i ordered some bcaa :joy:

Nice troll attempt

When I read that your chest and shoulders got bigger the day after 1 training session, I did cry, the training community cried.

Your threads are stupid, and keep getting worse despite being given solid advice, advice which you discredited time and time again. I’ve been pretty patient. You will learn in time and look back and be embarrassed.

I have been trying to help you out, I may help you out again in 5 years time when you have grown up and are ready to learn. Until then, good luck.


I have tried to hod damn learm but when i post something about fat grips everyones like "your a beginner you dont need them"
Well my god damn question wasnt if i need them or frickin not if it is a useful item…

Blah blah blah but maybe this thread is a little stupid yes but my simple question is how come i have chest muscle and ok shoulders but puny arms?
Yeah the rest of the post was retarded asf but who cares.
Maybe an answer to me having ouny arms like "it takes time " or chest and shoulders are a much larger muscle group so theyl grow more or whatevs.

I get it im a dumb retarded kid that never listens but nooo everyone just has to criticise me on every single thing.
At least im not a kid that sits on my fuckin fat hole eating a bumch of bad shit playing xbox.

No im the young teen thats interested im bodybuilding and likes to workout.
And whilst i dont have much knowledge how about some god damn encouragement instead of putdowns ffs.

Seriously from the experience iv had tnation seems full of a bunch of adult dickbags that only criticize people.

What do yous want me to quit or something for god sakes .

Or when i asked about supplements if say in a day i cant eat a bunch of food then having a few protein shakes to get protein intakr up would help a little right but noo instead your all like dont use supplements get a diet well guess fuckin what having a shake is better then no shake.

Also iv noticed on every god damn adults thread if they ask a question similar to mine about creatine or some shit you dont tell them not to buy it you say its good.
Also with items you tell them its a worthy investment.

But noo lets all pick om the fuckin kid thats trying to better himself and his ugly non muscly body.


Get a grip you little ungrateful prick

read back all my posts to you

then go fuck yourself


You realise he’s 14? A child? Is that how you should be speaking to a child?

@duketheslaya, people are getting frustrated with you because you have a habit of not taking advice you don’t want to hear with any grace.

If you ask about fat gripz and people don’t think you need them, then that is the advice you get. You don’t get to choose what people tell you.

Yes, fat gripz are a tool for a job, but it’s not a job you need to do yet. Supplements also do a job, but again, it’s not one you need to worry about yet.

Your chest and shoulders feel bigger because of the inflammation from the workout. It’s not that you’ve instantly built some muscle. If you were to take a few days off from training, it’d go away, which doesn’t mean you’ve lost muscle.

It’s good that you are asking questions and eager to learn, but the fact is that pretty much all the advice you are going to get for now is to work out 3 times a week and eat as best as your situation allows. I know it’s not what you want to hear but that’s honestly the best thing just now. Supps, fat gripz and all the other shit is just the icing on a cake you haven’t baked yet.

You’ve started a log which is great. I’ll stop by there later and see if there’s any help I can give.


Thanks @Yogi1 guess i shouldve worded it differently it was just weird that they seemed bigger but yeah it isn’t very possible to workout then just build muscle so i get it was kinda silly.
And yeah def have a stop by my log! Tomorrow I can workout again so il be doing a pull again. I needa add some things to my log like the days i have planned out etc.
Iv been focusing on eating alot lately and drinking alot of water as well as the odd shake and casein before bed.
As a noob i get major doms hence my obsession with wanting supplements etc so i can recover better ans optimize gains. I know it probably seems ridiculous that i just started and want a bunch of stuff but irs just to oprimize recovery and gains etc… im definitely not looking for an easy way out because i know its along process to muscle building.
I know i stated in a post that i canr get much food but really that was me being lazy with whats in the fridge/freezer and cupboarda and what to buy.
I can get chicken and lentils,quinoa,tinned tuna, bread, milk (standard in the house anyway and the neighbour is selling us a dozen of eggs for two dollars and im getting 5 a week.
Again thanks😊

Dear fellow tnationers.
Im sorry that i post alot of silly things but i am a noob and i know alot of you give me good advice and most pf the time it isnt what im looking for so i wont listen. Im simply just overrun by the countless information all over the internet so my mimd if full of alot of concepts and miss conceptions.
Keep in mind that i always appreciate the advice so dont think i dont :slight_smile:
I have a lot to learn and i am very new to this so i ask you have patience with me and dont get rago! I understand it can be frustrating to tella kid some advice and then i doubt it. But i will try improve this in the future and keep in mind im not trying to offend you or be rude i just dont know much so i doubt information.
I will try and take in advicr and listen a bit more.
Hope everyone’s having a good start to 2017

Listen… you are young and dumb, and have disregarded all training advice. The you want to train is the way pretty much we all started and failed by, which is why we are telling you this.

You are not advance enough for specialized training programs, so skip the “arm” and “chest” work. Workout 3x a week doing a full body workout, squat, press, row, and pull every workout. Training hard and heavy and try to add weight on the bar, not inches on your biceps. After a year your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and chest will be much bigger and stronger then if you do a typical split. At the same one eat every and anything, don’t worry about special diets or supplements. This simple routine and diet will make you bigger. Like another posted has said, your chest feels big cause of the big, but it doesn’t stay big. You need to build actual muscle.

If you continue to disregard advice, because it’s is not what you wanted to hear, people will stop giving you advice.

In general, it seems like you are focused on the minutia of rep schemes, alternate grips, macros, etc… I get the curiosity, but don’t change up or procrastinate because you’re waiting for the perfect plan.

That has a tendency, and a history, of bogging people down.

Squat something, pull something, press something. Run, jump, throw. Sleep. Eat Go foods.


531,cube,westside,westside 4 skinny bastards,5x5,20 rep squats,push pull,push pull legs,ect ect ect

1.Pick a routine that you like from the above
2.Follow it until it stops working.DON’T HOP FROM A PROGRAM TO ANOTHER.Also DON’T CHANGE IT
3.Add 100-200 pounds to your rows,bench,squat,ohp,deadlift
4.Enjoy being bigger than 90% of your classmates
4 and a half. I’m not suggesting that you get fat but that’s not the time to worry about your abs.Eat enough and after a year or so you can always diet down a bit

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In @kd13 defense, he had it coming. If he were my kid, he would have already gotten an ass busting and his mouth washed out with soap! He put himself in this position.


Calm down there young man…you understand this is the internet and you need to take all this with a grain of salt?
You under stand some people might think your Trolling correct?

Your generalizing the actions of a few for the community as a whole.

I guess im old… I missed the old days when most of ones education came from trial or error or from real life individuals you meet in the local gym. Case in point my first real gym back when i was 16 was a old black iron gym that was one of the hubs for Bodybuilding back in the day in Indiana. Needless to say it was humbling as a 16 year old one learned to shut up a listen to more advanced guys. Biggest compliment a kid could get there was when a more advanced guy would actually take time and give you advice. Now in retrospect if it was good or bad advice it might have varied .