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Have Pre-Workout Drinks Hammered Our T Levels and Thyroid?


Hope this is okay to post here, if not please remove / move. Did a search and didn’t find anything.

Have been wondering, if the years of using pre-workout drinks (‘NO Xplode’ in my case - which I stopped about six months ago), have possibly contributed to low T levels and/or compromised thyroid function? Every morning for years I would get up at 5 AM, grab my pre-workout drink and drink it on the way to the gym on an empty stomach… Anyone else wondering this or have any information to suggest it has or hasn’t? Thanks.


Likely not. Stimulants are rumored to cause “adrenal fatigue” through elevated cortisol but the science isn’t even settled on whether adrenal fatigue is a real thing.

To find out if your T/T3 levels are messed up get a blood test. Search “Stan Efferding Blood Test” on youtube for where to get it and what to test.

To maximize natural Testosterone:
Sleep 8 hours every night
Eat adequate cholesterol
Eat adequate calories (all 3 macros)
Weight train
Have sex once per week
Manage stress (set goals, fix your mindset)

Use booze, stims, and OTC prescription drugs sparingly