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Have pencil, will draw....

This is what I do when I’m bored…I draw, ink and play with Photoshop.

Nice Patricia, Very Barbaric…

"Mongol Leader: “Conan! What is best in life?!”

Conan: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!”

Mongol Leader: “That is good.”

~ Conan The Barbarian

Ah, what the hell. One more. Of course this one was to be for “someone”. Who? I can’t say, but the “hint” is on the wristwraps.

Always talented Patricia…

Nice work Patricia…I especially like the first one - great dramatic use of shadows and excellent hair!!! (I’m a bit of a sucker for long dark curly hair - this could be my dream woman!).

Dang! Double-dang!!

Patricia—Nice drawing!! I haven’t seen any of these on your portfolio site. If I may give a criticism from one artist to another, her hands look a little large compared to the rest of her overall proportions. Still a great illo though. I particularly like the blacked out hair which nicely frames the face. Do you ever post on Penciljack, or Shane Glines site? If not check them out www.penciljack.com and www.shaneglines.net.

tommyboy: I’ll check those sites out. I have ALOT of new stuff to post in that online portfolio. But I’m also considering just creating my own site so that I can post “works in progress”, “full color”, “B&W” and “sequential”. So, of course that’ll take some time to create and set up. As you know, it just takes a bit to scan, resize, etc in Photoshop. And I invariably always “tweak” here and there, too.

As for the hands, I’ve already resized them, after I posted the pic here. AND this will be completed in full color - I’ll post the final result, too.

Patricia—cool, can’t wait to see the color version. Are you going for a digital painting or more like comic book coloring using cuts, color holds etc. Penciljack lets you post your drawings and have an online portfolio for a really cheap price, and you get to interact with professionals who post there. Lots of great info.

I’m coloring via Photoshop. But like the way Brian Stelfreeze or Adam Hughes color. And they use Photoshop.

I’m definitely going to check out that website, tommyboy. However the beauty of my current online portfolio is that it isn’t limited to those in the comic book/graphic novel industry, but any creative professional uses that site (Portfolios.com).

Is that a knife or a dildo in her holster??

Just kidding ya, great work