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Have P+F Meal, Then Surge?

It just seems like after I eat a P+F meal, that the fats take awhile to digest. It seems like dangerous territory (BF wise) to throw down Surge before training. IE that whole High insulin High Fat thing?

Its ok if I have 3 hours to digest the meal, but when I wake up a 5am eat breakfastP+F and head to the gym, pounding back some Surge makes me feel like I just ate sugar with Fat?

Have P + C instead?

I’d have P + C as my first meal, train, and then a few more P + C. Save your fat meals for the afternoon/evening.

I know JB once recommended a P + F meal as the meal prior to training to avoid a blood sugar crash, but since you’re training so early, it probably doesn’t matter.

I agree with SBT. You’re working out in the morning and your body handles carbs better in the morning anyway. I would have a P + C meal.

Thats what I figured, but was going for that oh train and gh response fatness thing. I think dietary fat lowers Gh anyway. ??

I really want to know if anyone gets lean VS. stay lean following a program that has pretty high total carb intake and pretty high fat intake.ie JMB style.

speaking to beverly and remember poliquin seminars. High carbs and fat intake even on different meals don’t mix well overall. anyone else have any thoughts.

I find I either have to be on one or the other or cycle it.