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Have My Items Been Seized?

my tracking says processed through ISC facility but hasnt been updated in 5 days, whats everyones thoughts? was it seized?

Doesn’t look good Bud. Hope I’m wrong. International mail rarely takes longer than 14 days. How many days total since it was sent?
Authorities can take a long time to decide what to do, depending upon the amount, whether they need to do a raid, surveillance. Then again sometimes customs is slow, time of the year, weather, global diseases etc.

If its coming from China, that might be an issue with the Coronavirus panic at the moment.

They probably won’t raid him… even in Australia authorities won’t raid over a few vials… if you’re importing weapons (including parts/building kits, they’re quite strict here), commercial quantities of narcotics, explosives etc that’s a very different story

I had one package get held up in customs for 6 months then randomly show up at my house.

I never order international. Take too long and more likely to be seized.

Agreed. In domestic shipping, the USPS wont open any priority mail as its considered unreasonable search and seizure.

its coming from UK only been about 8 days but processed through their international and came to US customs says processed trhough but hasnt moved. Not worried about raid its a really small amount.

That’s fucking nuts

mine took damn near a month coming from eastern Europe. at a certain point I was sure my shit got seized. It ended up on my doorstep in like 28 days.