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Have Low T, Taking Cycle Breaks?


I have low T and have been on a cycle for about three months (little over) and I am unsure of how I should take a break...... I am thinking slack down to 500mg a week then 250mg a week and maybe stay at 250mg a week ..... or should I slack all the way down to 250mg every other week ......

I will have to continue some kind of doseage while in the off cycle right?? and how long should I stay in the low doseage before I can start another cycle???? I am a rooky so....you know help me out here ....I promise I will appreciate it guys, I dont wanna screw myself up I have a little knowledge but never too much........ I am 33 yr old 6ft tall 188lbs dont know body fat percentage I got a little spare tire but not bad current doseage is 750mg a wk test cyp been off dbol for two weeks...............


and 1mg a week of arimidex


I know you guys are thinking....read the stickies... I am just interested in your opinions.


did I say something wrong?


Here's a clue: your'e 6'0, have a pot belly, and weigh 188 pounds while doing almost a gram of gear a week. EVERYTHING you said was wrong! If you read the stickies with any kind of interest, you'd know something was wrong. With that much gear (if it was real) you should be 210 plus without a pot belly. Almost a gram of gear a week, and you weigh 188 pounds?

Come on man, what part of all the stickies you read did you miss? 1mg of adex a week is for guys using 100mg's a week of test not 750mg's...
I am not asking where you got your gear, and don't answer in open forum; but if you didn't get it directly from a lab yourself, you could have only gotten ripped off and bought olive or sesame oil from some idiot at the gym. Is that close? Don't answer.

That much gear even with a mediocre diet would have
burned the fat off of you and pushed you well over 200 pounds.


I have gained about twenty pounds.... how much should I have gained?


By the way what does your reply have to do with my post? Nothing. I have done research ... I am just interested in what MOST of the guys in here have to say. How do you know what I should be weighing when you dont know what I weighed when I started and since when does a bulking cycle burn fat ... how do you know if my gear is fake... news flash buddy you dont ... you dont know a thing about me cause I have gained over twenty pounds on this cycle and I didn't even eat right or train consistantly ...I did train pretty decent though.....

So I would basicly appreciate an answer to the origional question or an opinion..... If you do not have either then why are you reading this thread... to try and insult me? okay whatever....


Okay, i'll go along since i'm the only reply...
6'0 and 168 before you started gear? YHGTBFKIDDING! You should have eaten more before you got the gear.
How did you know you had low T; doctor ran the tests for you? If you didn't use a doctor and bought UGL gear, you're just asking for trouble because now you are on TRT the rest of your life most likely.

You should have eaten your way to 188 w/o the gut before you started on gear man.
My only concern is how you are going to stay on TRT dosages if you don't have a doctor writing the first 200mg's a week. If you have gained 20 pounds of muscle, then great but I don't understand the the pot belly if you are eating a semi-clean diet. I'm gonna guess (if you are lucky) you may have gained 10 pounds of muscle and that is a lot, but if you diet is crap, well, so is everything else. I have a hard time wondering why you didn't start at TRT doses, see how your body responded and then after a year or so discover the dark side. I have a friend that is late 20's, 6'0 tall, and he put on 20 pounds in a few months just by lifting everyday and eating like a horse.He can't do gear on his job because they get tested, or he would just to keep up with everybody else.

I don't know if anybody told you you, but dbol is well know for bloat; aka water retention. Your gut may be water if you're lucky, and it will go away but so will most of the weight you have "gained".

No HCG to keep your testes alive, and only 1mg a
week of adex? I hope your system isn't too f'd up already. If you're lucky, you may be able to save your own butt with a 2 or 3 mg's of adex a week and EOD HCG shots.

If I were you, I would PM Brook here at tmuscle and explain your situation to him, and ask his advice. His knowledge of steroids is as it good as it gets. Good luck.


Thank you..... Yes I have been to the doctor and tested....my test results were like 209 testosterone normal being between 200 and 1100 I think I dont have the numbers in front of me. Dude dont scare me by saying I may have fucked up my system what do you mean by that? I was only taking a low dose of anastrazole because I didnt want to take a lot of it if I didnt need it. Do you think I should taper down.... And by the way my gut is not that bad it is just a little bit puffy ... just enough where you cant see my abs...


jesus christ guys
is this burger king now?
talk about flame grilled

I was in a similar situation when i first "tried gear"


weighed something similar to the op and gained over 30 lbs in 12 wks on test and eating like a grazing animal non stop

no pct and kept most of it after first cycle

low sex drive for around 10 days then started to recover

imo he will recover fine

i have witnessed people doing worse cycles and have recovered fine

btw anyone ganing 20lbs in 8 weeeks is not taking sesame oil alone


thanks big mike


I think your original question was whether you should taper or stop cold. As long as you do the other post-cycle stuff right, you should be able to stop cold, but it wouldn't hurt if you tapered off. Just my opinion.


I appreciate your opinion bro....... I think I will taper and stay off a few weeks and jump back on......


Hey iron mike..... whats the longest time you stayed on before takin a break?????


i usually do 10-12 weeks on and 3-4 off
personally it recovers me fine
u know ur endocrine system is recovered when ur horny again
(thats my best sign im recovered anyway )
then i give it another week or so just to be safe