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Have I Made Good Progress on This Program?


Weight: 177lbs==>189.5lbs
Bodyfat: 20%==>20%

Chest: 40"==>40"
Shoulders: 18"==>18"
Arms: 13" lhs, 12.5" rhs==>13" both sides
Waist: 36"==>37"
Forearms: 10"==>10.5"
Hips: 42"==>43"
Thighs: 22"==>23"
Calves: 17"==>17"

Thighs,Forearms and Arms have developed. Chest is at a constant-I assume it’s because i’ve been doing Inclines to lose the moobs

What HAS improved though, is the lifts

Hack Squats with Barbell: 35kg/80lbs for 5==>60kg/140lbs for 5

25kg/60lbs increase

Smith Machine Squats: 37.5kg/85lbs for 5==>70kg/160lbs for 3

More than 30kg/75lbs increase

Incline Press: 2x 17.5kg/2x 40lbs for 5 or 40kg/100lbs for 5 on Smith Machine==>2x20kg/2x50lbs for 5 or 55kg/130lbs for 3 on Smith Machine.

^Stange that I can lift so much on dumbbells/Smith Machine, both which are harder than a barbell. On a bar I can only do 100lbs for 4 reps :confused:

More than 10kg/20lbs increase

Overhead Press: 30kg/75lbs for 3 on Smith Machine==>45kg/110lbs for 5/ 17.5lbs/40lbs per arm for 4 reps/ 30kg/75lbs for 5 on strict Military Presses

Approx 10kg/20lbs increase

^again, it’s strange how I am so strong with dumbbells/Smith Machine and can only lift 80lbs on Seated Presses for 4 reps

Bent Over Row: 27.5kg/62.5lbs for 5 reps==> 40kg/100lbs for 5 reps or 75lb Dumbbell Rows

More than 10kg/ more than 15lb increase

Deadlifts: 35kg/82.5lbs for 5==>70kg/150+lbs for 3 / 2x30kg/2x75lbs for 3

More than 30kg/ more than 75lbs increase

Chin Ups (Lat Pulldown): 45kg/105 lbs for 8 reps ==> 60kg/140lbs for 3 reps

Two plates increase

Assisted Dips: 45kg/105lbs for 4 reps ==> 35kg/85lbs for 5 reps

Using 2 less plates for Assisted Dips

I don`t think you will get any constructive response for this but I will give it a go ,give it more time , you ask about your progress after less than a month? also how did you not go up in body fat while gaining an inch on your waist? plus a 15 lb gain in less than a month? with no fat? highly unlikely.
take the time , train gain strength and come back in a few months with before and after pics.

You gained 12.5 pounds of muscle in a month?