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Have I Injured My Back?


I fell off my bike after pulling a wheelie. I landed on the base of my spine hard with all my body weight. Its not seriously painful and I still have full range of motion. I can squat with body weight without any pain and I have full range of motion.

I have taken a break from deads and squats everything apart from pull-ups. I feel pain when I move wrong or sit in a couch too long so the pain is teaching me about correct form!

I really want it to heal soon so i can start lifting again!

I guess only time will tell if I have done any damage???
Do people get serious spine injury without feeling much pain???


Firstly, No one here can diagnose you, even if you had offered some real information. But to answer your question, yes, an injury can seemingly come out of nowhere. A (relatively inactive) friend of mine felt a soreness in his back after playing sports. He wasn't sure what it was, but it didn't cause him any serious problems so he let it be. 2 weeks ago he tried to stretch his back, and suddenly felt an almighty pain which completely immobilised him. I took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a C2 herniation of the spine. So yes, a seemingly healthy body can hide a serious problem. Go to a doctor if you're concerned. He will perform some simple (non-invasive) tests to find out if anything's wrong.


Thanks yarni


Absolutely. It's well documented that people can herniate discs and be asymptomatic. I'll second the advice that you need to be examined.


Thanks guys I am pain free now but i am going to take your advice and get checked out before i start lifting weight again.