Have I Hit 25% BF or Less?

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  2. If you’re so hot on knowing your body fat %, get it tested - don’t just ask a bunch of internet strangers.

[quote]voidclosure wrote:
What would have been helpful is you saying, “It’s really hard to tell from seeing just that one picture, but give it 23-27% if your fat distribution looks the same all around. Rough guesstimate”. All this other beating your own drum nonsense, not helpful. At least not to me.[/quote]

You know what’s always funny? When someone shows up to ask a question, then tells the people who answered him how they should have answered it. If that was the answer you wanted in the first place, why didn’t you just reach that conclusion yourself? Would it have been that hard to google-image some BF % pictures and guesstimate your range?