Have I Got an Abscess?

Hi guys, just needed some advice on the differences of each of these. I’ve been reading alot about them and they all seem very similar. But is there anything distinctive regarding each one to look out for?

The reason I’m asking is that I am mid cycle with test 400 and EQ. I jabbed my left glute last night with 1ml test 400. Today’s have a lump the size of a marble just under the surface of the skin and it’s slightly red and sore when I sit on my ass. I don’t feel unwell per-se I have felt slight chills but nothing major. I’m taking paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Injection technique was sterile, alcohol prep on the glute and on the cap of the vial. Washed my hands with chlorhexidine scrub. Used a filter needle to draw up and a 2ml syringe with a blue 1.5" pin to jab. No problems so far through cycle until this jab.

Any ideas? I’m hoping it will go away in a few days and I’m just panicking.

Thank you all in advance for taking your time to read this.

could be that you dint pin deep enough and the oil is in between fat and muscle, the ethyl oleate used in t400 and the general high percentage of solvent used can irritate more than normal. Wait and see, if it gets red swollen and hot its infected, if not it should go down, use a hot water bottle or something on it couple times a day.


Every now and then you get a shot that, for whatever reason, just doesn’t go the way you want it to.

Occasional lumps and bumps just happen. If it’s still there in like 2 weeks then yeah that’s a problem, but you’ll probably find it just kinda flattens out in a few days.

Your body doesn’t exactly love to have a needle jammed in it and squirted full of some dodgy oil you bought on the internet. It’s only to be expected you’d get an immune response from time to time.

Fun story - I drained an abscess in my shoulder once. It wasn’t a super fun time.


I’ve heard cellulitis can present the same symptoms as an infected abscess. So I’ll just wait and see. Checked today and you can see the hole where I pinned and maybe an inch circumference around it is red, it’s still warm but not as painful as yesterday but then that could be the pain killers I’m taking for it.

Pharmaceutical AAS +1

I also bought it from a good source, the test is a lab which I’ve used before. And it wasn’t over the internet. Today it’s still swollen slighty red and sore.

did you try a hot water bottle? really helps me. that being said its part of the game.

Yup shit happens when you play with the nector of the Gods… I pinned my rear delt today and thought it was nice and deep but got some pain & redness…shit happens…every now & then u scrape a vein or like others said some juice gets trapped in a layer under fat. At end of day who cares as long as your body absorbs it and you smash weights & thots
Also T400 is trash prolly lots of alcohol to keep it good…also test prop in the mix = feel the burn amigo…next time just pin 2ccs of test eth…no hurt tushy

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