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Have I Fully Recovered from Tren? (ED)

Hello everyone, I have been suffering with ED for around a year now because I took a cycle of Tren E and Test CYP and it gave me limp dick. Overall I was on cycle for around 4 months as I did a cycle of test and boldneone after. When I came off cycle I had complete limp dick, I did a PCT of nolvadex. I have been to the doctors to get my blood work done but they are saying everything is fine. I am seeing a urologist in March but this is really affecting me I don’t know why I am still getting this issue.

Thus has fucked my mental heath as I don’t know if I still have a physcial problem or if it’s mental. I never faced any mental issues with ED before I took tren, now since I had tren dick I can’t seem to have sex normally again without my dick going down. I was using viagra at the time when I was on tren

Does my blood work look in range? SFH 1.2 u/L [1.3 - 19.3] that is below by 0.1 but
doctor said that is nothing to worry about

LH Level 4.2 u/L [1.2- 8.6]
Oestradiol level 123 pmo/L [0.0 - 173.0]
Prolactin 133 mu/L [0.0 - 278.0]
Testosterone 18.1 nmol/L [6.1 - 27.1]

Same situation. I abused the fuck out of tren and test for 6 months. I backed down to a trt dose of 250mg a week (which is pretty high) and 0 INTEREST in sex. I mean 0. Cialis stopped working too.

I think all the gear for that long affects are sex drives. The only thing that is currently working for me is to run a safer high dose AAS blast (keep in mind it’s safer, but not safe) and very slowly taper off. So currently I’m on 600mg test c and 100mg proviron, 0.5caber e3d (read some studies that said caber helps with men who have psychological ed, and 0.5mg worked wonders for me), next month I’m going to decrease my test to 550 or 575, and so on untill I’m at 250 again, then drop the proviron as well. Let me know if you have more questions.

You fucked up my friend, as so did I. There is no easy way out of this, but to experiment yourself. Tren is a compound not even made for humans.

One more thing, get your e2 sensitive done. I bet your e2 sensitive was the normal test which is meant for women, it’s inaccurate for men. For all we know your e2 could be sky high / low af.

It is one of my biggest regrets, this has made me never wanna go on cycle ever again.

Where I have been off for over a year now, I have a sex drive just no morning wood and ED. Same as when I was on cycle. It’s affecting me mentally as well now
I have read up about Caber but I did not see the point in taking it as my pro lactin levels werent high and I don’t want to mess anything else up.

In regards to getting my e2 checked, I did actually ask my doctor when I got my blood work done but she she kept saying that it’s for women and I don’t need that checked. Could that be an issue then?


Next time you see your doctor slap her for giving you the DUMBEST advice you can hear.

After that slap THE FUCK out of your self. What the FUCK are you doing touching steroids if you don’t even know what e2 is?

C’mon man… I know you fucked up but this is beyond anything I have ever seen. If you don’t know what E2 is you have NO business touching gear. Period.

Fuck your doctor, get e2 sensitive done from a private lab ASAP.

If Viagra is working, try cialis. It has a longer half life and can be taken once a day with relative low dose (5-10 mg). That could help you until your body gets back to normal.

You can figure out if it’s physical or mental. Do you get scared before or during sex? Not panic mode scared but a little worried and anxious about going limp? Because that’s by far the biggest killer of an erection. If you get anxious and it goes down then it likely is mental. Oftentimes viagra and the like can help as they prevent the penis from going limp (they block the degradation of the intracellular transmitter that makes it go hard) then you get confidence again and it’s alright.
If you’re feeling completely fine, no worries and you’re not getting hard at all then it is likely physical. But if you’re obsessing about not being able to get it up then it can be that you don’t get it up because of that. Then it’s mental again. Only you can judge.

FSH is a bit low but I would also not worry about that. As long as your sperm count is ok, you’re fine.

Good. H and P are working.

Looks alright. High E2 is a direct cause of limp dick. Would like to know what your values where before cycling.

Both are good. T is in the middle of the pack. Should be enough to get it up and have drive.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. When did the ED start? If it was on Tren in the beginning, why did you further cycle? How quick was the onset of the ED? Did ED coincide with other symptoms like mood swings or like aggression?

  2. How much Test did you run and how much bold? Bold is known to lower E2. Which can cause limp noodle action.

  3. When did you start PCT after your cycle?

  4. Did you get bloods on cycle or were you a cheap MF (or live in a no private labs country)?

  1. The ED started when I when I was on Tren in the beginning, but I was still having sex with viagra as I had a girlfriend and I was not mentally affected as it was just a one off here n there. When I was then on a Test cyp and Boldenone cycle I was so confident at this point, I remember having sex without using viagra (this was a one night stand as I was not with my gf aymore), probably about a year ago now.

It got really bad when I came off all together, I went to have sex as normal and my dick was complete limp, I had not been off for long at this point. Then every time after that I have gone to have sex my dick has gone down, even if I have used viagra now and it’s making me feel depressed as fuck. I don’t even want to have sex anymore because it keeps happening I never had this problem before tren, I have managed to have sex a couple of times with cialias earlier this year but my dick has still not been as hard as it was

  1. I was taking 1ml of test every Monday and Friday and that was the same with the boldenone but I was only on for about 6 weeks with that as I just stopped all together.

  2. I started PCT a week or two after I came off cycle

  3. No I only got bloods after my cycle, I did not do enough research and was stupid enough to even take Tren

I never used to get anxious, like even when I wasn’t nervous about it happening it still did. So now I’d admit I definitely am anxious about it happening but that’s because it has happened basically every time I have gone to have sex. It just feels like something is wrong but I don’t know what, biggest regret of my life as I was confident before this and now i’m the complete opposite and I dont know what to do

These things do not belong together.

noxy, sorry for hijacking your thread, I think I have the same problem like you.
I don’t think I have an erection problem, but I just can’t get horny for a very long time, 0 libido. Therefore my dick is also limp.
I tried viagra/cialis/levitra and nothing helped so far.
You can put the hottest looking girlnin front of me and I would have 0 interest into f her.
I tried everything and currently I’m testing caber 0.25 2x times a week but looks like prolactin is not the problem (although it was elevated last time I checked).
I’m about to repeat my hormonal tests tomorrow, @lordgains do I need to be fasting for some of these tests (T, free T, e2, prolactin, tsh, t3, ft3) or can I go after morning meal?

You don’t need to be fasted. The time of day is more important for naturally produced hormones. In the Morning is good.

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This is not a measurement of quantity of a compound without a concentration.

Seems like E2 wasn’t the problem.

If you’re taking EQ this is way too soon.

Interesting you still bounced back but it was a long time ago so not very surprising.

Difficult situation. When were your last labs?

You could try some things but I don’t have a definite solution for you right now.

Yeah ever since I stopped everything that’s when I got ED and even with Viagra it has gone down
My erection doesn’t seem to last for long

The bloodwork I posted was from about a month ago. I am hoping the urologist can help me in March, I just don’t know what to do anymore it’s making me feel like shit. I don’t know what else to do

Do you have any labs from before cycling?

And you have been on nothing for about a year?

No, I didn’t get them done. Bad move

I have been off for a year and 1 month

Hello again,

would you recommend that I get anymore bloods done?

Is there anything else that I need to check to try and route out the problem, appreciate your help bro


your bloods looked alright. Maybe if you do them again we’ll see something. It could be that you’re just not back where you should be but we won’t know that.

Maybe these things can help you:

  • Tongkat Ali or

  • Ashwagandha

These are herbs that have been shown to improve sexual function. You could try one then the other and see if they give you some relief for the time being. Otherwise, cialis or viagra is good, that should normally work if you are aroused.

Do you have a functioning sex drive? Do you want sex? Do you get aroused? Are you anxious?

The problem with ED is that often blood work looks good but people still have ED, as it is a very complex system of thoughts, neurotransmitters, sympathetic and parasympathetic system and then blood flow and local stimuli.
In your case I don’t see a problem with the blood work. You could experiment one at a time: lowering prolactin with P5P, lowering estrogen, raising testosterone. But these dorther disrupt homeostasis.

So I would let your body recover and try Ashwagandha first and if that doesn’t work or not enough then Tongkat ali. Also, cialis. These should help you improve. As soon as you start working again it’s an upwards spiral.

Thankyou for the reply! I am going to buy some Ashwagandha off Amazon.

I have definitely got a sex drive which is good, just a weak erection. The problem started off as physical, now it’s mental as well which has made it’s a whole lost worse.

I tried to have sex with a brass last night as I just needed to try to at least attempt fix this. It was awkward as fuck and my penis went numb and I literally couldn’t really feel anything and was unable to have sex, I don’t know if this was mental or not but it was awkward as fuck so that probably added to it.

I would of thought my body would have recovered by itself now considering I have been off for a year, it seems very easy for me to lose an erection whereas before I never had this problem before. Can’t remember what it’s like to be able to have sex normally

Yeah it’s getting to the point now where I need to get this sorted as it’s really affecting my life.
I guess the best thing for to do is Cialis and Ashwaganda and see how I go from there, once I have broke the negative cycle hopefully things will go upwards.

These negative experiences are fucking awful, literally made me not to ever want to touch steroids again.

That is exactly the feeling people with mental induced ED report. I think that it was a monetary transaction also didn’t really help as that alone will probably give some people ED.

Try to relax yourself and don’t stress about it. Normally if you get an erection, cialis should keep it up long enough so you see it works and that gives you confidence. Then you taper off once you got a few good ones back.

Yeah I am going to see how it goes with the cialis. Once my confidence is back then I will work on coming off them. It’s hard to relax having so many negative experiences now

Thanks you have been very helpful, I will keep updated and hopefully I will overcome this