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Have At It....


It's been a long time comming! After a short deployment with my unit.I have made it back home and I am no longer wearing the uniform. I want my people's advice. Here it is, have at it.

wk 1-5 400mg/T-400/week
wk 1-5 300mg/Eq/week
wk 5-10 400mg/Eq/week
wk 5-10 50mg/winny/ed

wk 1-15 10-20mg/nolva/ed
wk 13 700mg/clomid/wk
wk 14 450mg/clomid/wk
wk 15 250mg/clomid/wk

Since I have a tendancy for Gyno I will run the nolva throuhgout the cycle.My question is on the Eq volume, is this sufficient and shoud I inject it eod or once weekly? I hear if you cut the T-400 with it, it will make for a less painful injection. I know, quit being a pussy and take it like a man. Would it be useful to frontload the T-400 for the first 2 weeks? Your wisdom is always welcome.


test 400 is cyp + enan so 4 weeks is a waste as you probably won't have those esters "kick in" until about week 3-4. i'd suggest frontloading both the test and EQ. with the compounds you intend to use i would structure your cycle more like this:

week 1: 800mg test, 800 mg EQ
weeks 2-10: 400 mg test, 400 mg EQ
weeks 6-12: 50 mg winny ED
weeks 13-15: PCT with nolva and clomid

run the nolva throughout as you said you are gyno prone...10-20 mg ED and adjust the dosage if you experience sides. look into running an HCG protocol aswell.

just my 2 cc's....but you should get a few more opinions.