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Have Any of You Tried


it's apparntly a diet that bases it around raising the leptin levels in your body.

It's rules are:
Never eat after dinner
Eat 3 meals per day
Do not eat large meals
Eat a high-protein breakfast
Reduce starchy carbs
Do not eat within 3 hours of bed

so what do you think of it?


How long does it raise the leptin levels for after the "diet"? If there isn't a prolonged effect post diet, i don't see how eating 3 small meals a day is beneficial to building a better body.


i guess small is relative in this case, like instead of eating

two meals of 500 calories and one meal of 1500 you eat 800 calories in each

i guess the increase in leptin levels lasts as long as your doing the diet?


there is no way that diet is increasing leptin...

unless you injected it everyday lol....


sounds like what 75% of people that are trying to lose weight are doing . infact looking at what you wrote would be a good basic simple weight loss diet for the average person ( not bb'ers).
from what i remember leptin is mainly affected by cal intake and insulin also during extended periods of dieting short periods of overfeeding ( refeeds ) only raise leptin levels for short periods like 2 or 3 days if i remember correct .
ultralars did you give IF'ing a go if so how you doin ?.


Hmm, I don't know man...seems kind of gimmicky. I read up on it and the main points are to get adequate sleep, be less stressed, and exercise regularly.

Which is what most here already do (or at least try their hardest to), so i wouldn't say it really applies. It's always a different side to the topic when you are applying to people who already get a lot of exercise.

This would be beneficial to the lay sedentary person. Although there are always special cases.


i haven't given it a serious try yet, been jumping back and forth on with protocol i am trying to follow, so much info out there so damn hard to know whats the best thing to do.

but i decided to do IF now, fits best to my social schedule.


noone has anything more to say about byron j richards leptin diet?