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Have Any Luck With High Frequency Deadlifting?


Personally i really like hammering a movement when i want to improve it. It seems the more practice i get the stronger i get.

In that vein has anybody tried this routine?


If i don't smash my current PR on the deadlift next week i will be seriously considering this routine. I just done 5x1 with my %95 1RM but i was hoping after taking close to 2 weeks off ME work for the deadlift i would of done that today.


I've had success with the Coan/Phillipi deadlift routine and I know a lot of other people who have. Its definitely worth looking into


this week is week 8 for me on that program and the biggest problem i have had is underestimating what i can gain on this. last week after pulling 40lbs over what i was scheduled i plan on adding some weight to the next few weeks as well.


Just done the first day of this routine. Anyone try it before? Quick singles certainty get the brain firing.


i put in 380 to start and 405 for a goal. i got 429 on week 11. it worked at least this one time for me. i must say the first 4 weeks were brutal.