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Have Any Hobbies Besides Lifting?


As the title states If I tell you mine will you tell me yours ?

Paintball I used to play at the Div 1 level from 1998-2004. I still play recreationaly.
I read a whole lot-Fantasy mostly
I play a game called Warhammer - Tabletop wargame miniatures- very addicting
I also play a game called Blue Max WW1 fighter pilot game using miniatures

Now with being married with 2 young kids it is hard fitting these in but I try too.



Watersports (watersking, jet skis, hobie cat)
Coaching soccer and baseball for my 7 yo son

I’ve got 2 kids also, its definitely tough to fit in alot of extra activities.


Reloading and Shooting.
Working on cars.
Reading: mainly crime fiction.

A great rule of thumb is to never reveal your hobbies to anyone. They make you sound weird.


Asside from sports which is just lifting now…
I collect and repair watches, - late 60’s through 80’s Japanese dive watches.
And we just started bee keeping this year

Is this to see who is the geekiest?



I play guitar and tinker around building guitars and amplifiers. Yep, I’m a solder sniffer…


[quote]kmcnyc wrote:

Is this to see who is the geekiest?


Boardercross racing
Telemark skiing
DH/XC mountain biking
Trail running
Drinking coffee
Coaching snowsports
Writing snowboard instructional articles (snowboard trade magazine)
Guitar (though haven’t played in a few months)
Golf (when required)


Woodworking, took up gallon scale winemaking last year and I used to enjoy target shooting / trap shooting before kids. I guess in order of time I spend it would be: lifting / nutrition, woodworking, winemaking, keeping my guns from rusting. :slight_smile:


Listening to music
Reading (Mostly fantasy, some sci fi)
Playing vidya games
Beer drinking


Trombone in a jazz band (www.crosswindsjazz.com)
Bass guitar or back-up vocals in another band.
Canoeing, backpacking, flyfishing.


Playing CSS and Guild wars, working on my car.


Mountain biking
Wado Kai Karate
reading SciFi and Fantasy
World of Warcraft online
Wine tasting
beer drinking



Is this to see who is the geekiest?


This will be a tough one to assess


being a master cocktail maker
chasing two year old


Fishing. Any kind:fly fishing, surf casting, etc.
I used to play a lot of poker. But my wife went and had two kids on me.



Which disturbed me so much that I’m gong to start my sculpting/sketching again after a 20 year hiatus.


Wow, some major geekage going on here. I feel so safe and secure with this group!

Reading: history, sci-fi (er, speculative fiction), alternative history

and here’s a new new one fer y’all: flight simulators


-Bowling. Yet I can’t find an article of recommended exercises for the bowler-bodybuilder… neither in the bodybuilding nor bowling community. Besides, most bowlers static-stretch before playing. I preffer to dynamic-stretch before a game with some of the drills learned here!

-Playing the recorder.

I used to play video-games a lot, but I had an almost clinical addiction to them. I kicked the habit along with cigarette and booze.


-Reading (scifi, space opera, speculative fiction, alternative history)

-Video games

-Juggling (balls, rings, and clubs)

-On very rare occasions, I toy with knitting. Laugh if you want, but it’s not wise to taunt a large man with sharp metal needles!


Most of my other “hobbies” are in direct conflict with my working out and lifting heavy… things like boozing, whoring, blackjack, etc.

What the fuck, you only live once…


So who is the geekiest?