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Why would someone respond better taking just HcG than taking Test? My doc pulled me off test as I am competing in a sport and he has this fear of getting busted although he knows better blah blah blah.

So he put me pure HcG for TRT. Funny thing is I feel better, have more energy, lost more weight, and (not to offend here but....) For the first time in years sport morning wood EVERY morning. It was more often than not on 100mg test each week, but not EVERY morning like it is with HcG.

Does my body just react better to HcG?


There are a few possibilities...One would be that when you were taking T (shots, patches, gels?) you weren't absorbing it all, since HCG is injected SC you have a better chance of absorbing it. How do your TT levels compare on HCG versus your old protocol?

Other thoughts that come to mind are E2 aromaitzation (which tends to be higher with hcg though), the fact that its more "natural" though I find this unlikely, possibly increased pregnenolone from the testes stimulation improving your overall hormones...couple other things that escape me right now

Bottom line, its awesome you've gotten your shit figured out. When your testes actually function with proper stimulation, your treatment options are more plentiful.


What was your diagnosis? Secondary hypogonadism?

T should be used for primary, not secondary IMO. There are more appropriate drugs for secondary, as you have found.


how much HCG every morning? how long have you been taking it?


I started with .2 every day I felt it best then. Then they switched to .5 every 3 days.


I was really shocked at how much better I have felt on HcG by its self. I am getting strong wood every morning like I am 20 something again lol.

For some reason I never felt much change from 100mg injections each week of test, not like this. My doc says it could just be a pathway thing and I just respond better to HcG and it helps what I am needing.

Am getting tests done next week and have a doc appointment on Dec 2nd to go over them. just got insurance for the first time in years and we are testing everything that we can that would be covered esp Heart and endocrine stuff.



how old are you?


2 months shy of 43