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Have a Month. Increase Bench? Get Cut?


Hi...I have about 30 days between finishing school and starting my internship. Im looking to go pretty hard during those 30 days and looking for a killer 5-6 day, full body workout plan. Most importantly, Im looking to try and increase my bench to 400..Im currently in the 370-80 range right now and have been progressing at a normal rate. Id also like to get a little more cut up for the beach season....any advice would be greatly appreciated!!





Google the "G-Flux" principle, and start eating.

Overhead pressing and tricep work, too. Although kudos, 400 is a ways off still for me.




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Are you ... are you a troll?


How would they respond if you posted this over at BB.com? Maybe they would go easier on him?


........If you actually did have a 300+ Bench then you wouldn't be posting a question on how to increase it.............IDIOT!



This is about as ignorant as the troll job of the OP. Even some of the strongest people in the world ask others for insight into their training. The moment you refuse to learn is the moment you become an idiot. In your case, you fail to learn when to post, and when not, offering up retarded comments/advice. Stop.


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I hope we never become like bb.com, blind leading the blind.


Honestly, there is some truth to what he is saying. If the guy had a 370lb bench, he wouldnt be asking about 5-6 day a week full body workouts to up his bench press in a month. I think Bunny here was just exploiting the fact that this dude definitely doesnt bench 370, unless he is a natural 370 bencher which i guess is possible, but very unlikely


Cause all I do is win!

Maybe someday ill be awesome like OP and be able to shred my abs and bench 370 all the while nailing Rebecca Black.


If this is for realz op, why dont you try Smolov Jr for Bench and add bbrows/squat/deads in as you see fit


Unlikely because he's a troll or unlikely because a 370 bench is some crazy number for an adult male?

Seriously, have you never encountered a strong person?


Are you serious? Put in some tough work and you better be hitting 370 natural, shit.


By natural, do you mean drug free or do you mean the guy never lifted weights and he could put up 370 with very little training experience?


When he said natural i was thinking naturally strong, never thought he meant steroids.

However, i'm now asking the same questions you presented. If he was talking about steroids then it really goes to show the mentally of a lot of people who think any above average strength or development is attained by enhancing drugs.