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Have a Look at This Thing!


Doesn't this seem inherintly WICKED dangerous?





the second wheel is for sissys


Yes. like a motorcyle segway. I've seen this a while back on the internets, it definitely isn't something I'd ride!

Although, it's a constant wheelie, and chicks dig those, eh?


Is this what the circus clowns ride when they get off work?


To quote one of my favorite movie lines, "I like anything fast enough to do something stupid in."


The laws of physics wouldn't allow you to ride that thing in any efficient manner. Imagine trying to turn, or stop suddenly, its gotta be a joke.


That's what I thought, I call photoshop.

Veg, good to see you're back on.


Not a photoshop. Heard about this a couple years back on a motorcycle forum.

Here's an article



I was really hoping this was a thread about Blue Waffle.


That would be one ridiculous balancing act from front to back. Centrifugal force still works the same to keep you on it, but going forward will send you back...and they have no training wheels. That would be a hassle to ride so unless it goes faster than the speed of sound somehow, I am disinterested.


This thread sucks. Thought it would be a big, floppy vagina.


Damn - It's still a ridiculous idea.



Being a crybaby sucks, so I stopped doing it.



not wicked at all


You rang?


Fuck that thing, look what you can do in a van.


I've seen someone do that, by accident, driving home in afternoon "gridlock".

It was an open area of the highway that quickly closes up after a particular exit. he had no idea he was going to have to stop so quick. Bam up on his front wheels.

I almost shit myself, he was only 4 cars away from me. I did my best to get well in front of him as to not be a victim when he finally lost control.


That "bike" looks like a winner.


Hmmm pics go bYe bye