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Have a Look at My Diet


Hi guys,

Currently trying to bulk up, 175lbs. Could you have a look at my diet see if it's ok? Thanks alot. really appreciate it.

7:30 am

1 cup oats 252 cal
30g whey protien 165 cal
1 table sthingy EFA oil 120 cal

total: 537 cal

10 am

1/2 chicken breast (86g) 142 cal
Home made Sandwich:
3 slices wheat bread 217 cal
fried egg 92 cal
1 slice cheese 65 cal
banana (7 inch) 105 cal

total: 621 cal

12:30 pm

1/2 chicken breast (86g) 142 cal
Sweet potato (medium) 115 cal
banana (7 inch) 105 cal
glass of milk (200 ml) 108 cal

total: 470 cal

3 pm (post cardio)

20g whey protien 110 cal
30 g glucose 120 cal

total: 230 cal

4:30 pm

1 cup sphagetti 214 cal
home made sauce:
olive oil (1 tbsp) 130 cal
onion (small) 24 cal
tomato (small) 15 cal
1 hamburger patty 141 cal
Mozerella cheese 21 cal

Chicken breast (small) 90 cal

total: 635 cal

Dinner 1 Take out (chinese food)
total: 500 cal

10:30 pm

1/2 chicken breast (86g) 142 cal
glass of milk (200 ml) 108 cal
cashew nuts (handful) 114 cal

total: 364 cal

Days total: 3354 cal


When do you do your weight training, and do you eat chinese food every night?


I Train from 2 to 3 pm, on days I don't train I do some cardio. Yes, I eat chinese take out every night, but it's got some meat in it.


It would help if you had a protein breakdown there. That meal plan seems fine, except that you seem to be eating a lot of carbs towards of the end of the day, and it's best to take carbs/protein in the am and then protein/fats in the pm. I understand the good rule of thumb is 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight, but I may be incorrect, so make sure you're getting plenty there.

I'm currently trying to stay with Dan Duchaine's Isomorphic Diet, where the three macronutrients are in even proportions, and he says its a good one for keeping on muscle while shaving off weight if you reduce your normal caloric intake, so I'm assuming it'd be good for gaining muscle if you increase your normal intakes.

Also, I love chinese food, but I feel like every night can't be good for you. In any case though, it seems like you're off to a good start.


Oh yeah, I forgot to add in the protien. I aim for 30 - 40 g protien each meal. So by the end of the day I have about 200 g protien.


But he lives in Hong Kong, where they have real chinese food, not the oily mess we have here in the states. :slight_smile:


How about bananas ? You guys think that's ok ? I have about 2 a day, I find them a good way to add calories.


If your trying to put on some size your diet should consist mostly of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates dont fill you up as much as fat, therefore you can eat more and eating more equals getting bigger.

Make sure on lifting days you hit the weights hard and get plenty of simple carbs post workout. Waterbury recommends 200 grams. If you like bannanas this is the time to eat them. One more thing, make sure you are getting at least 200 grams of protien a day. Good luck.