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Haunting in Connecticut


Anyone see the show (2-hour documentary) on the Discovery Channel recently called "A Haunting in Connecticut?" It's supposedly a true story about a family of five who moved into a house in Southington, CT that used to be a morgue (only they didn't know it when they first moved in).

One of the sons (about 14, I think) had cancer and was getting chemo; that's why they moved there from upstate NY in the first place, so he could be near whatever facility was giving him medical care. Well, the family proceeded to get the living fuck haunted out of them, starting with that kid. He and his younger brother had their bedroom in the basement which, unbeknownst to them initially, used to be the room where they would work on the bodies -- some of the mortuary equipment had even been left there! Both of them (but especially the kid with cancer) kept hearing voices, seeing this demon/guy, and the demon started corrupting the 14-year-old and telling him to do violent things to his family. The kids also saw shockingly disturbing images down there.

Both of them were completely freaked out, but the parents wouldn't believe them. (Hey, when your kid is practically dying of cancer, why let him move out of the basement, whether the haunting is real or not, when you can just let him go insane down there so that his mental and physical condition deteriorates to shit, right)? Well, that's exactly what the parents did. So the kids started sleeping only with the lights on. Then the dad got pissed because the electric bill was so high, so he removed all the lightbulbs down there. And things got worse.

The mother was mopping the floor one day and the water she was mopping with turned to blood. (He--LLOOOOOO! McFLLLYYYY!!!! MOVE OUT)!!! Then she was taking a shower and the shower curtain started trying to smother/strangle her to death. Her neice (about 16, who was staying with them) had to run in and save her.

Then the 14-year-old cancer kid lost it one night and went up into the cousin's bedroom and tried to rape her. The parents had to pull him off her, and they called a mental hospital and had him committed to the loony bin. Great.

Then one day only the mother and that female cousin were home, and the demon/thing started violently attacking them, ripping the girl's rosary necklace off her neck, groping them, etc. Meanwhile, the father, who was at work, supposedly was attacked by his unmanned pickup truck. It started up on its own and drove into the building/shack that he was in, almost killing him.

At this point (actually, much, MUCH earlier), I would've said "Motel 6, here we come!!!" I don't care if I had no money. I don't care if I had to rack up thousands in credit card debt. I would GET - THE - FLYING - FUCK - OUT!

The family then hired some paranormal researchers to come in and check things out. They all (including the family) decided to sleep in the living room together, because it was too dangerous for any of them to be alone, as the demon would attack whoever it could (and it still did attack the mother violently in the living room). One of the researchers, who had been doing this for years and years, had an experience with the thing that he said was the scariest experience he'd ever had in his whole life. The demon appeared to him (he said it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen) and said something like, "Do you know what they did to us?" He left immediately.

Ultimately, the researchers convinced the Catholic Church to send someone to do an excorcism, which was freaky and involved violent demonic outbursts, but ultimately worked.

By the way, the things that had allegedly occurred there at some point (that perhaps the demon was referring to) years earlier apparently involved necrophilia.

Anyway, I don't know if this stuff is real or not, though it sounds pretty darn elaborate and detailed to be a pure hoax, and the Catholic Church does have records of performing an exorcism there. My point is, though, that before I got the living FUCK haunted out of me -- even if I got just slightly, mildly, BARELY haunted -- I would high-tail it out of there so fast it would make your head spin! Who the hell stays in a house under those circumstances . . . ?!


...people who made up the ghost story afterwards to hide something?

I don't put much faith in ghost stories. People will believe what they see/hear without thinking about it. I was laying in my bunk bed in the apt the other night, when I felt little bumps on the bed that felt EXACTLY like a cat walking down the side of my bed. Ghost Cat! But then I realized the bed jumped a little everytime someone went down the stairs. Haha. If I were less skeptical I'd probably believe my room was haunted by the ghost of a cat that died there.

I also think it would be incredibly fun to fool somebody into believing something was haunted.


I would take this with a grain of salt. Just because it is on the Discovery Channel doesn't mean it is real. It is a Halloween special.

The History Channel shows a lot of silly UFO shows and they are obviously BS.


These people were white, right? It reminds me of Eddie Murphy's take on hauntings, if anybody remembers that.


Sounds like a bunch of BS. Why would a spirit haunt a morgue? They don't kill people in morgues, they merely process the bodies after they are dead. As for the Catholic Church performing an exorcism at that address, I don't believe it. You didn't mention anything about a demonic possession, which is the only reason for an exorcism. The Church doesn't get involved in hauntings - they rely on Ghostbusters for that.



And we all know the Ghostbusters have been out of business since the early 90's if you count that cartoon show along with it!


Since I only live about 20 minutes from Southington, those kinds of stories weird me the hell out. LOL And I think at the point at which someone is being told to do violent things by any kind of malevolent spirit, yes, it is possible for the Catholic Church to step in. Maybe not a full on exorcism off the bat, but at least a blessing of the house and such.

There is a husband/wife duo in Connecticut (the Warrens) who investigate this crap all the time and do lectures on it.

Creepy stuff. Personally, I believe in this kind of thing. While having never personally experience it myself, I know more than a few pretty credible people who have had some super-freaky things happen. Ahh New England in Fall! LOL Ain't it great????


I've heard some pretty convincing stories from people who claimed to have seen 'ghosts' and described in detail what they saw as being people walking through their house as if no one else was there, just going about their business and disappearing.

Then I realized that each person describing these sightings each had done some kind of illegal hallucinogens at some time in their lives.


I think it's partly due to all the old buildings/houses we have around here.
Works well to create that atmosphere.
I use to live in Guilford, there are some really old houses there, like 1600s.


I'm from the Danielson & willimantic area -- old houses, old energy, old spirits.

Kuz, next time I'm in Willi I'll look you up - I got some stories for you!


Please do! I am so intrigued by these kinds of stories (especially with Halloween around the corner), but they also creep the ever-living crap outta me. lol I agree with Kilo Sprinter - it's all of these incredibly old buildings and history we have going on around here.

A fave story of mine is Pettibone's Tavern in Simsbury. Dates back to 1760 or so. I believe the son of original owner way back in the day murdered his wife for cheating on him. So, when you are in the tavern/restaurant, there is always weird stuff going on (especially that the staff notices). The one that gets me is people reporting that when they go into the women's restroom, they have looked into the mirror and see a reflection that was not their own.

Happy (almost) Halloween.


Whoa. Forget that! I'm not setting foot in a place that's haunted! :stuck_out_tongue: I'll tell you about the white house I lived in as a child. But not today. after halloween has passed. I don't want to invite anything that I don't want around me! (The addy is 215 Boys Ave in Rogers, a little suburb of Danileson/Killingly. Drive by it one day and tell me if you get any kind of vibe off it or see things that literally dissipate before your eyes, like a vapor.)

I'll be up in June or July w/ the husband and kids. My cousin is graduating high school then.


I won't read the whole story in the origina post, but I don't doubt it for a second.

We lived in an old house (late 1700's, I think) that had an addition from the 80's, probably. The original home had a stone cellar (very cool, while theh osue creeped me out, I can appreciate the age of the building and hard work it took to build it), an attic that had a dead..................................

squirrel in it once. hahahhaa. Betcha thought I was gonna say a body. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, there were dead bodies on the property. There was an old family graveyard in the back. A couple of infants had died and were buried, as well as other family members. Pray was the name, if you know anyone w/ that last name. Kind of interesting historically speaking, but a totally weird house. My brothers were completely freaked out by it. Toys that glowed, even though they weren't light-up, glowing eyes in the dark. K, I gotta stop or I'm gonna freak myself out again. I still can't talk about The White House w/o freaking out.

(Not The white House in DC, The White House I lived in as a kid.)


For the record, I have never done drugs for recreation. I know DAMN WELL that what I saw was real. My brothers tell similar stories. One of my brothers won't discuss it.


Well I wont go into much detail because to this day I still don't like the feeling I get talking about the experiences I had. When I lived in this extremely old two story home, every night I would go to bed and hear someone calling my name: "Adam ....Adam come down and play" This was a womans voice. At times I heard footsteps immediately following hearing the voice, approaching my room and then stopping at the door. Other things have happened to inside that house and other places, but I just have a really hard time talkin about it because of the vibe I get when I do.


There's an invisible woman in my bedroom.


Well that sucks - how would you even know if she is naked?


You have to feel around.


Ahhh. I wonder if it is anything like this...



An ex-gf's house is haunted. I went in the kitchen to get some food and turned the light off and joined her and her mom in the living room(which is directly connected to the kitchen). A couple minutes later her mom goes in the kitchen and asks who left all the doors open to the cupboards. I shit you not every cupboard door had been opened since I had been in there not 5 minutes ago, and I know for a fact they were not open when I was in there. They have some other stories but I wasn't there to witness those, but this was indeed freaky.