Hatton v. Callazo.

Anyone see this fight?

I was fairly impressed with the way Hatton was able to press the action for the majority of the fight. I was also impressed with the fact that he was smart enough to hold on and not try to fight wildly after getting rocked in the 12th round. That’s how you know he was in great shape, because he was still able to make smart decisions in the last round.

I had Hatton winning the fight by 1 point. It would’ve been a draw but he was able to throw and land some decent shots for the last two minutes of the 12th, otherwise it definitely would’ve been a 10-8 round for Collazo.

Anyway, it was a nice fight, but I don’t think Hatton would do too well against the likes of De La Hoya or Mayweather… They’re too fast, too smart and their punches are just too accurate.

Hatton needs to stay at Jr. Welter.

When you get rocked by the likes of Collozzo it’s time to re-evaluate your game plan.

He was a heavy favorite and barely squeaked by. It could have easily been a draw.

Good fight, though. I’d like to see him go up against a B-level slugger like Gatti.

I’d like to see him go against Gatti, also.

And I agree, he definitely needs to stay at Jr. Welterweight. Collazo said he never even got hurt… I saw him get a little shook up a few times during the fight, and obviously his nose was broken in the interview afterwards. But I agree Hatton doesn’t have the power to be a slugger at welterweight.

As a brit i still try and stay neautral when watching sport but love hattons style. I think aggression and staying on the front foot won it for him to be honest.
Hats off to Callazo though. He’s one tough SOB and when viewing this a second time it was a brutal fight.
I think Hatton was unprofessional in only taking 6 days to adjust to the time frame etc and this, along with several other factors contributed to an average contest in terms of hattons performance.
I would say he’s not peaked yet and theres more to come.

I liked the fight, thought it was pretty good. I’m no brit but I gotta say I love how Hatton was pressing all night. Definately a questionable ending though. Gatti vs Hatton would be a nice fight, but who knows maybe he’s not done peaking yet, maybe he is.

You could probably count on one hand the number of fights I’ve watched, so what do I know, but heres my $0.02

I thought the first 2 or 3 rounds were pretty good, although wtf was with the clinch every 30 seconds? I left the room after the 6th round because I was pissed that (according to the commentators) collazzo had pulled even with hatton. I understand the round system and would have had no problem with collazzo being even with hatton even after getting knocked down twice in the first two rounds IF he had won rounds 4, 5, 6. I felt like during those rounds he was fighting more “not to lose” than he was to win. By the 6th i felt it pretty clear that the fight was gonna go to a decision and nobody would get KO’d, that contributed to my not watching.

I just feel like the action doesnt get pressed in boxing as much as in, say the ufc, ie guys are clinching, trying to win on the judges cards. Again, just my opinion

It was a gritty fight and the stop and go was a little hard to watch. Overall though, Hatton has a good chin and from the looks of it, Collazo stood up to some punishment as well. I thought it could have been a draw but I think what stood out was that Hatton was the aggressor and he was always moving forward, even before the round started -up on his feet and ready to go lol. I liked hearing about some of his training methods too, that always is inspirational to hear.