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There's over 25,000 limeys in Las Vegas right now for the fight.

This has the potential to be a Hagler-Hearns type of brawl, and I truly can't wait. This is like the fucking Super Bowl for me- I been waiting for it since January.

This is the weigh in- you can't hear a fucking thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUEk1SgWfEI

Ricky, KO in 8, 1-3 body hook or that kangaroo hook he uses.

Picks? Thoughts?


You're picking Hatton? Never saw that coming. :wink:


Pac, KO in the 9th. Speed kills, PERIOD! Yes I know Hatton is fast in comparison of what he used to be, Hatton keeps reminding us in almost every interview. But Hats still slower than Pac. I wasn't impressed with his speed in 24/7.

I see Pac hitting and getting out, because he's been training to be cut off. Many pros have said Hats face puffs up a lot, so after the 5th, Hat will see straight lefts that he won't be able to move away from. It'll be a lot of punches through 8 rounds that wears down Hatton.

I still don't think Mayweather was the right trainer for Hatton. Contrasting styles. Only way Hatton can win is if the refs let him rough up Pac, like he failed to do during the Mayweather-Hatton fight.


has anyone been watching the 24/7?

What an incredibly done show. Awesome editing, cinematography, etc. Incredible.


Pac is on fire at the moment, his last 2 fights were perfect. I don't really mind who wins, going to stay up to watch it live, fucking 4.00 am they are saying (london time). Can't wait.


And now.... the king is back.


Boxing, at this moment, is kicking ass.


The whole HBO sports department if unbelievable. Both the 24/7 and Hard Knocks are by far and away the best of it's class. They do a great fucking job.


x2 Just need to sort those heavyweights out they are truely an embarrasment to the sport.


Pacquiao will KO Hatton in 8 rounds.

And wait....I'm gonna order it right now.


I just ordered it and I am watching the preview show right now. Should be a war... I'm picking Manny to win probably by KO. However, Manny might fade later in the fight if Hatton can pressure him.


twisted and confused,
wasted and used




Mayweather will suffer his first knock out from Pacquiao. He won't make it in the re-match either.

Unreal. I did not think it would be over this quick.


I doubt it. Mayweather's got some of the best defence in boxing. Rick just moves forward and thinks he can just brawl and eat shots.

Also, Mayweather's taller, has a longer reach and is much quicker than Hatton which will give him a huge advantage. Hatton's a terrible counter-puncher, and that's the only way to beat Pacman.


that fight was complete domination by pac.I was picking him but i did not expect that.


lets all have a moment of silence for fingirish. poor guy, lol


What happened to the 'hit-man'?


question in my mind now is: how much more respect should we have for marquez now?


People will probably say that Hatton was never that good. That he was overrated. That he was over hyped. I don't think that is true at all. Hatton's a very good fighter. He's had a good career and has beaten some good guys. He's never been the best guy in the game, but he's been very good for a good number of years. Not pound for pound great but world class all the same. Pac was simply brilliant tonight though. It's not often that you get to see true sporting greatness in action.

Pacman/Mayweather will be something special when it happens.

Also, I was going to bet on Pac in three. I?m glad I didn't. Placing that bet and then watching him take Hatton apart in two would have been frustrating.


I picked Pacman in 4. I guess I'm OK with being wrong. That was epic. He bent him over and pushed his shit in.