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Hatsu Hioki Signs with the UFC


My question to everyone: Does he succeed or go the way of many other Japanese imports in the UFC, losing due to the size and wrestling advantage? Also, who should his first opponent be?

Either way, this further legitimizes the 145 division in the UFC and puts them closer to having a lockdown on all Top 10 competitors across all divisions.


Now Aldo has 3 great challenges on Featherweight

Mendes, Florian then Hioki

Hioki is for me 2# on the division, i hope he gets some good fights to get used to the cage and the wrestlers.


He loses plain and simple.


Agreed Kaiser, most of the people I've talked to are saying Roop or Grispi would be ideal starts. I think I prefer Roop in that situation as Grispi's past two fights (especially the beating that Roop laid on him) have cast some uncertainty over where he's at. Roop is a seasoned vet at this point and presents some clear threats.


mmm you could elaborate a little bit

The guy is facing top competition for a long time and has an awesome grappling background.


Who's he beaten? Marlon Sandro... He lost to Omigawa and will lose to the top UFC comp.


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Just confirmed, Hioki will be facing Roop at UFC 137.