Hats When Working Out?

Hides bed hair…and less of other people’s sweat gets on you from benches perhaps?

To hide balding from steroid use.

[quote]Goku_SS4 wrote:
this surpasses all levels of douche-baggery to me. [/quote]

Wow, so I see you have no problem with the fact I blew a load in your chick while you were at work.

Cool. Because she invited me over for dinner tomorrow and if there was gonna be bad blood, I would have just gone to Sizzler.

I mean really, what are level’s 2 & 3?

  1. Hat in Gym
  2. Genocide
  3. Kanye West

Maybe you should’ve kept hangin’ in the back.

You honestly had nothing better to post?

-1 for fail thread - this almost surpasses being told im dumb for not taking a shower at the gym…

as a side note though, I rock an underarmor skull cap because it keeps sweat out of my eyes, i like the way it looks, and I wear them whenever I can because they are comfortable…

wearing a hat just makes me hotter, which I don’t like

ok so hats are alright, but sunglasses? come on people

I wear a hat sometimes. They are always baseball caps just because i love wearing them.

You’re doing it wrong

i can see the use for an anti sweat device, but man, hats are WAY to hot for me to wear to the gym.

i’ve been bald before–and eyebrow less-- so i can speak for a dude who has no hair for the sweat dripping crap.

anything on my head just totally would suffocate me. i’d rather wear pants and a sweat shirt then a tank top and shorts with a skull cap. headbands are the smae, sure they keep sweat out of your eyes but they give me a headache.

OP? Is that you?

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Of all the things to give a shit about, you picked a really weak one.[/quote]


I wear a hat because I pretty much ALWAYS wear a hat.

Do you also care about sock length or shorts color?


I wear one because I helps me focus by cutting out visual distractions. My gym has too many cute women wearing next to nothing. I also use an I-pod, cranked up loudly, cuz I don’t want to listen to stupid shit. I get in, work hard and get out.

I was walking in Memphis

I started wearing a wet-suit along with my scuba mask and snorkel, its like a weight vest, only heavier and way harder to breath in, since the mask plugs your nose.

[quote]countingbeans wrote:

Goku_SS4 wrote:
this surpasses all levels of douche-baggery to me.

I mean really, what are level’s 2 & 3?

  1. Hat in Gym

  2. Genocide

  3. Kanye West[/quote]

  4. Squat rack curls

  5. Using NO-xplode

  6. Prefering pancakes to waffles

  7. Using a pad for barbell exercises

lol I wear a hat everyday in the gym because I have long hair and when I sweat alot I look fuckng greasy. And it looks badass obviously.

I used to wear a hat really low over my eyes because it would prevent people from making eye contact and inviting them to ask me how much I bench, or what biceps curl is best for toning. The answers to which are 155 X 3, and 45 degree prone spider curls.