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Hats When Working Out?


Ok, it has been a pretty long time since I have posted on here. Been hanging out in the back...

But, I just have to ask...What is with wearing a hat in the gym while working out? I mean is the sun going to get in your eyesâ?¦is it that important that you look goodâ?¦..this surpasses all levels of douche-baggery to me. I donâ??t understand why someone feels the need to work out with a hat on. Just wondering if I am the only one who feels like this.


some pricks also wear sunglasses when they work out


I wear a hat sometimes because I like to wear fucking hats.


Then by all means were a hate. It will still not change the fact I find it ridiculous. It is just not practical and it gets in my way. I wear a hat all day, but at the gym I see no need for it. Dont care who is wearing it.


I sometimes find a baseball cap pulled down low helps me zone out the rest of the gym and focus on my workout. Other times it gets hot and sweaty and I take it off. Depends on my mood


I wear a hat pretty frequently in and out of the gym.

Why are you so concerned with what other people are wearing?


Of all the things to give a shit about, you picked a really weak one.


maybe some of us have receding hairlines? Bet you didn't think of that huh asshole. The world would be a much better place if people just minded their own fucking business.


I shaved my head and my ears get cold.


During the winter months I sometimes wear a beanie.




Jews tend not to walk 6 feets without headcovering, as such we wear headcover in the gym.


Not a good idea for overhead work but my personal preference is a top hat (occasionally a trilby). You'll be th classiest guy in the gym.

I train at home though...


I wear a hat every workout. It soaks up my sweat so it doesn't get in my eyes.


Are you serious?

Go back to hanging out in the back. Please.


If you are training outside in the sun, I see no need for a hat. I sweat way too much to wear one and not make it gross from the sweat.


I dont know about you guys, but I sweat like CRAZY from my head, If I dont wear a hat while working out I am literally wiping my forehead every 30 seconds with a towel. I actually fold up some paper towels and put them under my hat to catch all the sweat, have to replace it 1 or 2 times per workout.

That is why I where a hat.


only douchebags wear hat


Posillico et. al. (2009) concluded that caps during the performance of high intensity bicep curls led to a 11-16% increase in muscular strength and a 4% increase in biceps brachii hypertrophy.


Hats make you HYUUUUGE!


True story.