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Hats Off to U.S Soccer Team


I know people don't give a shit about soccer but this is a cool story. So Bear with me...

The U.S started a tourney of 8 champion international teams called the confederations cup. In the first two games, The U.S were destroyed 3-1 and 3-0 by Italy and Brazil respectably. Yesterday, in the final game of group play, They had to beat Egypt by at least 3 goals and needed Brazil to beat Italy by 3 goals,If they hoped to advance to the knockout stage. That's exactly what happened!!

They beat Egypt 3-0 and Brazil beat Italy 3-0. So yea, Italy and Egypt were eliminated and the U.S advance to play Spain(A team that is on a record unbeaten streak)on Wednesday for a chance to play in the final. I think Its a cool story because The U.S are ridiculously out matched in talent compared to these teams(a single player probably makes more than the whole U.S team)and now have a chance to win a major tourney.

Italy on the other hand,having the best players in the world,millions more to spend then the U.S, were eliminated. Money can't buy class, (hear that Yankee fans) You need heart. The U.S showed they had Heart. Yea... I know its fucking soccer but we can actually learn something from this. Talent gets you there but heart gets you through. GO U.S!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool story. I don't think anyone cares about the Confederations Cup that much though. STILL, props.


I watched the Italy Brazil game yesterday. Brazil walked all over them. Even scored 2 goals in like 90 secs or so.


I haven't followed it much, but the US got beat by Italy. Not Italy's fault that Brazil was just that much better than and schooled them.




My point is that they should have advanced and not the U.S. Whats the point of having all that talent if you can't advance? They lacked heart.


Cool story, Hansel


The US is years, light years, behind Europe and South American countries in soccer. I doubt I will see them evolve into a respectable contender on the international level in my lifetime.


Not unless many of our players start playing in those countries and actually get better because of the talent they're surrounded by, then come back for the international games. Or naturalize a bunch of good players from other countries...


This made me giggle.

US sucks at soccer.

Trust me, I'm Brazilian. :stuck_out_tongue:


You're also hot!!


Congrats to the team. I was happy to see them turn it around after such a dismal start to the Cup.

However the game cost me big bucks, as my clients were taking the US at +375. I have to cheer for teams based on my balance sheet, not my heart.


Funny how those two seem to rarely be exclusive. :wink:


We already knew that. I dated a Brazilian girl for 2.5 years. I have to say you guys have a lot of pride in your country. She always has to mention Brazil's accomplishments (not just soccer, so I'm told). On the come-up, though, number 8 in the world's economys now, right? But I got a kick out of watching the pan-american basketball games with her (had to force her to watch it) :wink:


I also got a kick out of the reaction when Brazil was knocked out of the last World Cup. Priceless. All I heard was "it was definitely rigged" "those refs were terrible" blah blah blah. Don't worry, you're still Gods gift to soccer? ok? feel better now?


whatever....ARGENTINA BABY!!!!!

and betaberry , my sexy rival how are you doing? =)


It's a funny thing you mentioned. I'm very very cynical, so I tend not to care about the whole patriotism thing, but yea, you're right, there's something about Brasil that you can't help but be proud of. The friendliness, weather, soccer, beaches, fruit, women and biodiversity. Lol. I think it's just a cool country, if that makes sense?

That said, we absolutely suck at a whole bunch of sports. Our performance at the Olympics is pathethic. I mean come on, we're a large country, we have a lot of people, and yet we got a sad 23rd overall rank in Beijing 2008. Oh yea, did I mention our soccer team never won gold at the olympics? Seriously!!

Argentina sucks!! Don't ask me why, I don't know what sucks about it, but I'm supposed to say so. Oh yea, I remembered, only two World Cup titles? Pfff...

Hehe, I'm good, how are you doing?


The reason why you (Brazil) are so good at soccer if because you start so young with the training. It was the same thing for me as a young boy in Italy. You are practically handed a soccer ball right out of the womb. But no other sports are considered important in the grand scheme of things. But it makes sense, because if you think about it, no other sport brings so much pride. Have you seen when Brazil wins the World Cup Championship? I saw it when Italy won in 2006, Rome shit down for like 5 days of nothing but partying. Young people, old people, sick people, pets, you name it. The whole country shuts down and no one cares. You also see an entire country unite under one flag, rather than the city rivalries you see otherwise.

I would be willing to bet you a bottle of cacasa that Italy wins again :slight_smile:


Yea that's true. Not just that, Brasil has good programs to find those talents when they're young and give them proper training. And yes, World Cup wins are pretty awesome.

Bet is on! Wait, what are we betting on? The 2010 World Cup?



brazil has accomplishments other than soccer and women?