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Hats off to Alessi!!

i jUst read his arcticle “booming biceps” and whoa thats shit that ive never heard of and i found it to be absolutly captivating. But if my curl is below what it should be for arm siz then which thing do i do the hollywood micro or the shoulder specilization routine, has anyone tried either of these ajnd which one put on the most mass for u all

thanx pugs

its funny that all the people who deadlift and squat and row and chin and do other basics have very large arms while the curlers dont. I havent curled a weight in a long time. i think its largely unnecessary.

i just got done with the hollywood micro… holy shit my back has never ever been this sore before, my back is as tight as well how should i put it, a prison inmate( thats b4 he dropped the soap!!!) i cant stand in correct posture right now my back is so tight, and its only less than an hour after, tommorow is gonna be a joy i can see it now. hats off to alessi!!! what kinda gains have u all gotten on one month of this pleez tell everyone


im 6’0 about 250lbs, i have close to 18 inch arms, i started off as a powerlifter for my first four year and im glad of that because ithink i got the guidance and know how from that to put me where i am today, it tought me good form and stressed good form over ego, even though some powerlifters have a big one. after that for four years im only 18 and have close to 18 inch arms solid u cant barely pinch skin on my arms, and nothing pisses me off more than going to the gym and seeing these stupid fuckers acting all tough and macho curling 95 lbs with full body language rocking back and forth leaning backward and flared arms out in front of them and to the sides. this shit makes me wanna go up to these stupid son’s of bitches and punch them right in the face. and the thing is that no will even listen to me when i try to help, i see guys that proboly have 10 years more exp than me lifting with horrible fucking form and arent man enough to drop the weighta little to be able to do the weights in strict form, i am man enough to do it but there to tough to, so i just let them wallow in their own ego and let them lift the way they do cause no will take any advice anymore, when i was 16 i went to a world pl championship in lasvegas and a few nationals as well, when i was 16 i was squatting 400 and deadlifting about the same, which is more weight than 3/4 of the guys at my college gym have ever used, and the ones that do lift more than me are my buddies and i talk to them cause they dont act all stuck up and conceted and they USE good form like i do. if people would just put their egos down for one fucking second sometimes and use good form then they would probobly get alot more from their workouts, and the kicker is that the ones that use bad form and awesome arm routines specilized for the bi’s are the fuckers that are complaining about bot gaining any arm size and cant gain weight. im actually majoring in exercise physiology here at college and eventually want to become a strength coach as some of you on here are. OK im done venting now. i geuss thats a good sign for me as a future strength coach, getting pissed off at people who cnt lift right and are too indulged in their awesome weights that they are curling, that they use hoorible form to lift those weights. not too many people impress me that much, even if they lift more than i do . the people that i respect and admire are the ones that can lift good weight and in good form. so from now on fellas get educated on how to lift then go lift big weights, dont waste gym space by lifting in bad form, u might as well not be lifting at all for alli care. adios all sorry for the long post


anyone tried this workout and gotten good results please speak up

I haven’t tried the workout, but the basis of his ideas sure make sense.

i totally agree with sandy if your not smart enough to know how to lift with good form stay out of the gym, if u cant hang with the big dogs stay on the porch

I’ve just tried the first workout of the hollywood micro and I tell you my back and hams feel sore (but good, mind you). I can’t wait for the next fridays to come! Keep y’all posted when I’m through with it and move on to the next booming bi routine part deux!

Although I agree with the premise of the Sandridge post, I have issues with the grammar and spelling. If your gonna write about annoying gym habits and rip people for bad form…get your shit together. Some people find bad grammar and spelling just as annoying. In fact, it makes me “wanna go up to these stupid son’s of bitches and punch them right in
the face.”

I like the basics of the idea, but can’t say I agree to the mathematics as a hard and fast rule. Tendon insertion points matter a whole lot. But as a ballpark guess, I suppose. Seems to much detail for something as insignifigant as biceps size. Is there anyone really that can chin with a good amt of extra weight strapped to them, row a lot of weight, dip with extra weight, standing press with a signifigant amount of weight who doesn’t have decent size arms?

This is a god damn forum not a fucking english paper. I dont have to many errors in that paper enough to piss someone off, so if that little bit of mistakes that i have pisses u off then u are too god damn anal to be writing in this forum anyways. If you want to judge people on their grammar become an english teacher until then deal with it.

Sandridge, I appreciated the spirit of your post regarding morons who use poor exercise form, but now I think you should really stop venting. Bad grammar and poor spelling are signs of either a lack of english skills or laziness. Since you seem like a bright enough kid (despite the grammar) I suspect it is the latter. Respect the professionalism of this forum (you don’t see Chris Shugart massacaring basic laws of grammar) and accept a little constructive criticism. That’s what a T-Man would do. Peace. Buck8

The point is that you were up in arms about something that you shouldn’t care that much about - other peoples lifting technique, and you sounded like a moron doing it. As long as they’re not telling you how to lift, who cares what they do. I know as well as you that they are working more on their ego than their physique. Maybe I am being a bit anal about the grammar…I usually don’t pay much attention; however, you are being just as anal about lifting technique, and I just wanted to make a point.

Hey, I’m an English teacher and I sure as hell don’t care if the grammar ain’t that good as long as the ‘context’ is ‘crystal clear’. Got my drift?

In fact, I know what sandridge feels and encounter the same shit almost every training day! Guys who think they’re so macho but have the form and training knowledge of ‘wusses’. Sometimes, I just wanna roll a copy of T-mag magazine and shove it up their nostrils!

Keep it to hardcore training and stuff, alright?!

i felt that with my writing and the few errors that it was crystal clear. it just pisses me off that these people call themselves weightlifters, when they arent, their source of info is some schmo bodybuilder’s arcticle in M&F that was meant for an advanced bodybuilder not a beginner. being a weightlifter os a title you have to earn and the only way to do that is educate yourself on the topic, not read some awesome Ronnie Coleman workout that isnt meant for them. It just makes me mad at the the mass misinformation that is out there. People just need to check their egos at the door before they come into the weightroom. I cant speak for anyone else but the first thing I did when i became interested in weightlifting was read as much as I could on the topic, and as of today I am still learning but my stack of literature that i have as of today is about 4 feet high and still growing, my fave book so far is the Poliquin Principles, in my eyes he is the man, he is the type of person that i strive to become in my future. 10 years from now I want to do exactly what he is doing. And from a beginners perspctive i think all beginners should start out powerlifting, you gain strength, and you learn how critical proper form is when you lift. Powerlifting is my true roots and I am glad that I was introduced to the sport, because that has done more for my weghtlifting now than any book could have ever done. I just cant stand people who waltz into the weight room and think their hot shit, until i see them bench 250 and bouncing the shit off their chest with their feet off the ground. That type of misinformation just pisses me off more than anything , people read about it, then go do it, dont jump in head first in the water, then ask for help cause you are drowning. would you jump out of a plane without a parachute? same idea here fellas, readup then go lift. Im just waiting for the day when someone breaks some ribs bouncing a bar off their chest, all im gonna do is laugh about it, and say i told ya so. thats all i have to say as of now peace fellas

Great post sandridge…I really have to agree with you. It is very frustrating to watch people workout when you know they’re doing everything wrong. It’s even worse when they try to act like they know what they’re doing. I just try to ignore people like that as long as they aren’t bothering me. I do get a little upset when I see a personal trainer giving someone poor advice though. It’s usually someone with absolutely no knowledge of weightlifting who is relying on a PT for proper advice. I have yet to see a PT working effectively with people (usually every set to high rep failure and useless exercises). It just bothers me that those people are paying good money to someone for what they think will be good advice.

I’m afraid I can’t understand hardly any of your posts. Somebody buy this guy a few periods, or at least some commas!

It made laugh when I read bjaffe’s post. He uses bad grammar in the same sentence in which he is slamming sandridge for using bad grammar. That is classic. Great stuff. If you can’t figure it out, “your” is possesive of you, and “you’re” is the contraction of “you are”. Maybe the t-mag guys could build a spell check and grammar check into the forum post…anyways…

I agree with you guys, bad form is definitely a pet peeve of mine. There are a lot of old guys that work out in my gym that use horrible form (using the whole body to curl, legs and back up for bench press, jerking around weight that is much too heavy for them), and they wonder why they are injured all the time. On Wednesday, there was a PT working out with one of these old guys and the PT didn’t even correct his form. Horrible. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Good one oak…I really thought I wrote “you’re”. Maybe it was just a little bit of: “what goes around, comes around”.

All in good fun. I am sure that you will catch me one day…