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Hats in the Work Place



I don't want to complain in an internet forum but my hair falling, pretty fast. This wouldn't be a problem if I did not have a weird headshape caused by my birth (it was squeezed lol).In the past it wasn't too bad, I have had long hair since childhood. Now I am going full bald i the next 2 years and it doesn't work anymore. My headshaoe is very bad. I get the swift look at the forehead with the momentaneous lack of expression by anyone who notice and occasionally some comments by dumb girls (you know how most of the bitches are - loud, shallow, try to lie all the time but can't refrain from spurting out the mean things they feel). While it is not the end of the world, showing my head is a really bad idea, even in the opinion of my family.

I will wear hats all the time until I gather the money for a transplant. I bought a pretty cool collection and I am comfortable with becoming a hat guy. I don't care if I don't have enough hair on the backside of my head for a full transplant, camel hair will be used if necessary.

I will finish an enginnering degree pretty soon. I fear the hats will hinder my future career and my image as a serious engineer and everything. Are hats acceptable in the workplace? Or should I forget about the corporate engineering career and start my own thing? I want to hear opinions from older people with experience on the job market.

Thank you for your opinions and semi-witty smartass comments.


depends on what type of work and where it is.

I have worked with and around engineers at Charleston Naval Shipyard(best job I ever had), designing bottling, packaging, and canning machinery, and Cummins Marine.

the majority of engineers at CNSY wore hats when in the office due to hardhat hair, even if they didn't have any hair.

in the bottling facility almost all wore hats on the floor and more than a few in their offices unless they had an important meeting.

at Cummins when you were out on a boat or in the testing or manufacturing area it was common to see a lot of hats. some of the senior engineers were known for their hats.

if you're always inside or don't deal with the public you'll probably only see people wear one to and from work. if your the type of engineer that gets to go outside, into manufacturing areas, and such hats will probably be fine.


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if you are soon to be an engineer, you may likely work in an environment that wears hardhats. your problem semi solved as you can ear a welder cap or do-rag under the hard hat.
On a side note, if your head is as misshapen as you think it is, people know that regardless of your hair. Sure it may hide some of the features but people know. I'd almost bet that you care more about it than your co workers. Rather than dwell on your head, be thankful for the other gifts that the good Lord has given you. Fact is everyone is self conscience of something. They may not be man enough to admit it on here you bringing this up is a great start to the road of higher self esteem. good luck man.


I've worked with some great engineers and none of them gave a crap about their hair, or anybody else's for that matter.

Not that they were a mess or anything but they usually had more on their minds than hair. Except for that one dude who was in charge of making shadow boards. His hair was fucking awesome.


I've worn a hat every day at work my entire career. Didn't bother anyone.


That's different.


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I'm pretty curious to see what your head looks like.


I am an engineer in an engineering department teaching future engineers, its whats between your ears that matters


I'm glad the headaches have stopped.


Exactly. That mis-shapen orb of flesh and bone between your ears.

Seriously though, most workplaces don't care much about appearance. I've worked with some pretty ugly people, but once you get to know them, you don't notice the ugly.

Wear your headshape with confidence, as it's how you carry yourself that people will notice. Your skull shape matters more to you than it will to them.


your lack of self confidence over such a trivial matter such as physical appearance(not talking clothes/fashion) will carry over more into areas that will effect your career. Look at yourself in the mirror, love what you see and own it, regardless of its flaws. Until you do that, going bald and wearing hats are the least of your worries.


Agree with this 100%.


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I'm an engineer with very little hair and wearing a hat all the time would make you weird as hell in an office environment. It may even be seen as career-limiting. When in Rome, do as the Romans do is my best advice.



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