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Hatfield's Pendulum rack

With all the ire that the Smith Machine gets on this forum (rightly so, in my book), I stumbled across this when looking up the “Safety Squat” bar on Fred Hatfield’s sight. Seems like a great idea as a way to take the rpoblems out of the Smith. What are your thoughts (other than way overpriced)?

I got to try one once while traveling. They seem to be alot like hammer or leverage machines. So they most likely remove stablizer muscles from the formula.
With a little metal working experience you can mostly like make your own.
Try contact the company and see if any gym near you has purchased one and go and try it out.
Best of Luck.

Good to hear from some one with first-hand experience. I’m not looking at this for any personal reasons – I’m quite happy with my rack and bar. I was just curious as to what the forumites might think of this, considering all the flak that Smith Machines get. Thanks fot the feedback.