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Hatfield Squats

Anyone ever done these before? I’m thinking of using them for a bit after my meet later this month.

It’s not a sensible exercise. I would trained rather leg press or hack squats.

Hack squats? Leg Press?

Why? What are their advantages over the SSB (Hatfield) squat?

Just to clarify, a Hatfield squat isn’t just a SSB squat, it uses the SSB but you can assist yourself with your hands. The point is to overload your strongest points in the lift, and also to handle some heavy weight rather than 70% or whatever you might normally do for hypertrophy work.

Somehow I don’t think that your opinion holds much weight against Fred Hatfield’s.


Somehow, I don’t think his opinion holds much weight against anyone’s.

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I know what a hatfield squat is. I wanted to hear gaelic try to justify his post. Gee, thanks for letting him off the hook.

Sure why not. All Hatfield did is revolutionize training, earn a phd, publish a few books. LOL


Who said anything about letting him off the hook? He doesn’t even squat either.

Hack squats and leg press seem more safe exercises. I think the difference in hypertrophy willn’t be big.

Why are you trying to encourage people to give up squatting in favor of machine exercises? I see what you wrote in @guineapig’s log. Do you work for ARXfit?

They are useful.

Anyone ever done these before? I’m thinking of using them for a bit after my meet later this month.

Like anything else they are a tool, personally I liked them for a few reps as a builder.

They key is the setup, you need a bar in front of you or a very narrow rack so that you can place, not grip, not squeeze, not pull but to place your hands. Using your hands to pull/push/etc ruins the movement.

If you’re setup correctly the arms are really just guides to keep you in line. What issue(s) are you trying to address specifically with this lift?

I was just planning to do some hypertrophy work in the offseason, Josh Bryant specifically recommends these.

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Should be fine for that.

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Cluelessness beyond belief. What is this the gymbro forum?

I didn’t write anything like that. You are with @jbackos a master in misunderstanding and distorting the context. My statement was in connection with the idiotic regulation in the gym attended by @guineapig. It was also about the fact that @guineapig has no competitive ambition. That’s why I wrote to him if he wanted to train only the bench press and bodybuilding on the full body.

If you want to deliberately lie, please, more thoroughly.

“Hack squats and leg press seem more safe exercises”

That was your quote, sir.

I’m interested to see if you can get an overload (move more than a regular squat) with these in a timeframe which is useful for your purposes. I assume you’re looking at 6-8 weeks of these.

Chris misinterpreted what I didn’t write in a foreign log.

In my opinion, hack squats and leg press better for hypertrophy than Hatfield squats. Of course they aren’t better than classical squats with bar.

That’s probably my last reaction to your person.