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Haters: Their Best Lines


So, not sure if there's already a thread about this, but I'll assume that there isn't.

What are some of the best lines haters have said to/about you?



"You're cleverer than you look".



"Hallowed posting another one of her stupid pics in every damn thread."

Oh wait, you said BEST lines... yeah I got nothing.


I have no haters

Or maybe I do and they dont say shit to my face


I hate Hallowed


I dunno, I keep my headphones in.

Actually, only line I ever remember and hold onto for fuel is "You cant do it."


You Sir, are a liar.


I had a kid at school squeeze my arm and say "oooh...strong fat!"


ahahaha! omg I just died laughing.
SO using this on someone this weekend.


I'm not sure if this makes sense but when the girl said it sounded like one word strongfat.


People think they demeanor me when they say you have a physique of truck driver, but to me that's a compliment!


hahahahaha priceless :slightly_smiling:


So ...

... where's the stupid pic, already?

You're slipping.

But I like you slippery.


I always like the whole

Me to girl: Hey would you like to dance?

Girl: No.

Me: I think you misheard, I said, You look fat in those pants.


How does one demeanor someone else?


Ct. Rockula is a fat, white woman.




oh crap, my bad, i thought demeanor was like put down.

Guess i need to improve my english.


demean is the put down.

demeanor is different.


This is great. Going to bank this for the right situation.