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Hate the Cut

Goddamn strength loss during cutting up phase. Argh.

If you need to vent about it, heres the place!

I haven’t experienced very much strength loss while dieting.

Glad I got that off my chest!

Yeah, never really had my strength drop off either. Heck, last Spring I was still inclining 295 just a few weeks before competing. Something to be said for doing things correctly I guess :slight_smile:


Energy loss? Yes. Many lifters drop the weights used a little when dieting due to either changing their overall volume or the fact that low cal/ low carb means less energy for all out workout sessions.

However, if you are noticing a huge drop in real strength, this is a sign of muscle loss.

I haven’t lost strength during this drop in weight.

Chances are, the OP is either not eating enough overall, his protein intake alone is too low…or he is turned around about how to train altogether.

I’ve been doing the same training I was prior to the cut, just cut out most of the carbs (non-training days are hitting sub-50g)

Still making gains on some movements (usually the first one or two exercises for the day) but after that I feel like a train wreck for the rest of the session. Only started feeling like since starting the cut.

Some movements - still doing the same weight, just not as many reps.

Either way, blah. The end will justify the means, just gotta stay up throughout!

i’ve been losing some strength, but mine is due the necessity of losing couple of lbs for meeting a weight class and the shortage of time.

Yeah I would suggest eating more carbs. I was doing it like you, and mr popular, who helps me out a lot, told me I needed to eat more carbs or I was just gonna be asking for my body to burn the muscle (and feel shitty all the time too). Sounds like that’s what’s happening to you. Last time I did a serious cut, I ate almost no carbs. I got leaner, but I was tired all the time and I couldn’t focus. I’m eating around 100g of carbs a day, and still only getting about 2200 calories, as well as doing some cardio, and none of my lifts have dropped significantly at all. I feel good all the time and I look a little better every day. That’s my advice, but some of the guys above me have a lot more experience with dieting than I do.

Also make sure you get plenty of protein, obviously

I dont eat high protein at all and Im on a cut right now, but for me as long as i have lots of carbs I dont lose much in strength Ive actually been getting stronger on things like curls and close grip bench

I do atleast 250g of protein a day, I will look into having more carbos