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Hate for T-Nation

In the past few months, while interacting with people in other social formats, I’ve mentioned T-Nation or given links to T-Nation articles only to have someone respond with “t-nation sucks” or “t-nation is one of the worst sites ever”.

When I ask them to support these claims they have nothing of substance to offer.

I point out that guys like Dave Tate and Jim Wendler and Louie Simmons and Dr. John Rusin and Eric Cressey write for the page and they usually respond with something like “Oh, well those guys are good, but the site still sucks”

I’m not sure how they can discount the site as a whole while liking a majority of its big name authors.

Does anyone have any insight on this irrational behaviour?

Some people don’t like it because of the blatant marketing for Biotest.

Some people don’t like it because it’s too alpha.

These people are also known as beta plebs.

In all honesty though, it’s typically people who get too caught up in the rhetoric of the site and aren’t able to be pragmatic and objective enough to decipher the quality content.


Keyboard warriors tend to be overly dramatic and opinionated I’ve found.

Also, when something gets big enough it is almost enevitable to create haters. It gives them identity.


Think of your favorite sport. Now think of why people hate the big names who play it.


“Hey guys! So you all like that cool thing? Well you all liking it makes it not cool anymore in my eyes, so now I don’t think it’s cool, which makes me feel cool.”


The guy I lift with called me on Friday and didn’t even say hello. He just went straight into- “You gotta see this site man. It’s called T-Nation. Type that in to google- T-Nation Oil Bags Idiots.”.

Me- “yeah, I read that. Thats the site I get info on lifting and stuff from.”

So maybe it is appealing to certain types of people and not others. I was directed here a long time ago by another friend I lifted with at the time and a woman Pl’er that ran a supplement store which sold the old Mag-10.

I was pointed to t-nation around 2004 by one of my professors for my kinesiology degree. She also pointed us to Dr Squat and a few other sources.

I’ve seen people complain that “all there articles are advertisements” - well first off all generalizations are false. But when biotest is a sister company, why would they push another companies products? When they have the studies and quality control of their products why would they advertise for another?

I’ve also seen complaints that the articles contradict eachother - one says always squat, one says never squat, yada yada yada. Well yeah, its the fitness industry. Some movements are contraindicated for some people. Some movements are better for certain goals than others.

I make a small effort to defend t-nation. not for my sake but for theirs - they truly dont know what what they are missing in discounting an entire resource. But it’s just like anything else, you have to do your own reading and decide for your self.

maybe that’s it - t-nation makes people do their own reading and doesnt just say “here’s the magic progam and magic pill”

I’ve never seen a deadlift that looked like a dog taking a crap from a guy wearing a t-nation shirt. But i have seen it in bodybuilding.com shirts.

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Haters don’t really need an excuse. Why worry about it?

If I had to guess it would be the open discussion of steroid use, some people can’t deal with that. The fact that Biotest supplements cost a little more than average (you get what you pay for but don’t tell the average gym rat who wants 50lbs of protein for $10). Lastly most posters here don’t suffer fools, we help people with problems… But there’s certainly no coddling. Tough words hurt feels sometimes.

The training logs here are absolute gold in my opinion. It shows in rep-by-rep detail how real humans with jobs and lives are getting results. No airbrushing, no B.S. Muscle and Fitness article with 40 sets per body part twice a day.


Irrational behavior? On the internet?

Some sort of madness surely.


People come across the site/most prominent exposure for T-nation seems be from facebook currently.
Usually this will be in the form of links to mini “tips” articles which give an incomplete picture. There’s no awareness of helpful forum discussions,logs or wealth of quality aticles from the past. Compound this with the usual youtube style moronic remarks in the comments section and you have potential for a lot of brand damage

If you do show interest, then the algorithms will next time give you links to BS like six pack shortcuts and post the suggestions side by side

T3hPwnisher - rofl - point taken. but some of it has been in communities that seem otherwise rational.

RampantBadger - True, one of the communities is on facebook. Most of what people see there is pictures/memes that are weally mean and huwt thew widdle feewings or short tips, that with out context will appear to contradict each other.

Some what of an outsider of T-Nation now but use to be very active years back.

-A lot of the articles posted now are gimmicky
-Advice on forums at times is rough(there was a vertical thread that was really hard to read)
-A lot of big names left Leeman, Clark, etc
-Lots of advertisement for biotest(which is understandable to me but maybe not the outside)

  • Willfull i actually disagree i feel like t-nation does advertise more magic pills and programs then the average fitness site.

-The core posters are great

  • A lot of articles are by high level authors

Just an outsiders thoughts

i’ve never been very active in the forums - i’m not really active in any forums for anything.

i dont really feel like t-nation advertises more magic pills/programs.

look at bodybuilding.com - first think you see when you go there is the store. why? thats their primary money maker.

Pick up a muscle and fiction or any other magazine and every other page is ads while every issue has a new way to get 6-pack abs.

and when they mention a supplement in their articles - it would make zero sense to mention a competitors product.

from what i could find - In the past month they have no full articles for supplements and had tips regarding these supplements.

If t-nation sells that supplement, they mentioned their brand name (ex: flameout).

I agree, i’m torn on this recent “Tip” structure they’ve been using. on the one hand it feels like it removes crucial context but on the otherhand, they do have citations for those who wish to read more.

Some people say the articles are overloaded with product placements (but they’re wrong about that). Some people say the articles are all written by DYEL coaches who don’t know what they’re talking about (but they’re wrong about that). Some people have random issues with specific authors and ignorantly extend that to complain about the site as a whole.

Some people say the forums are full of newbs who only talk shit and never help (but they’re wrong about that). Some people say the Mods on the forum are hyper-sensitive control freaks (but they’re wrong about that).

Basically, some people are dumb and can’t be helped.

[quote=“willfull, post:7, topic:230159”]
I’ve never seen a deadlift that looked like a dog taking a crap from a guy wearing a t-nation shirt. But i have seen it in bodybuilding.com shirts.


HA! Thats a good one. The mods here have always been really cool, polite, and would communicate via pm if anything came up on their radar that might require intervention on their part, at least in my experience.

I’ve seen a few other special interest sites where they swing the ban hammer like a berserker.

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I’ve been a member here for almost 10 years and have always enjoyed the site as well as the forums. I’ve watched the site evolve and change with the years, which is a good thing-- even though I think for most of us, it is a hard process as we get comfortable with familiarity. I feel like most of the posters at T-Nation are great people and you don’t see too much immature non-sense here. I still feel like T-Nation does a good job with their authors/articles and they still have a solid supplement line.

I have made my own opinions regarding supplements, and even articles/authors, and I have never been censored by Biotest/T-nation. They have a product to sale and a business to run, and I believe this place is genuinely one of the best websites to get no bullshit advice from regular people whom have a passion for lifting, and the sub genres that entails.

Also, as mentioned by @Basement_Gainz, the Training Logs here have always been an epically useful place for lifters of any level and background.


LMAO oh I see what you did there!

T-Nation, in my opinion, is one of the best weight training websites there ever was. I guess some people hate it because it can be too elitist for their taste.

And then you ask, what do I mean by that? Well, I think T-Nation is very deep into the whole subculture of weight training. It openly mocks things like P90X and other light-lifting aerobic gimmicky type of stuff. This can make it look very elitist and exclusive.

But that’s what I love about it. Being here makes me feel special in a way.


Too many click-bait articles like “Everything you know about (EXERCISE/FITNESS/NUTRITION) is wrong!”

I’d also say this message board is going downhill. Sure I’m here for the laughs and cameraderie, but there are some real nuts now.


Once smartphones became readily available, the internet became a shit ton dumber and it’s been reflected in most sites to be fair, not just T-Nation.

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